Academic Calender

Academic Calender Spring 2017
Dates Days Week Activity
01st to 07th Feb, 2017 Wed to Tue   Online Registration - All Programs
05th Feb, 2017 Sun   Kashmir Day
10th Feb, 2017 Fri   Last date for first fee instalment (New Intake)
11th Feb, 2017 Sat   Last date to apply for Program Transfer
15th Feb, 2017 Wed   Last date for fee Deposit - Ongoing (Program Wise)
18th Feb, 2017 Sat 1 Start of Semester
20th Feb, 2017 Mon 1 Start of Classes
27th Feb & 6th Mar, 2017 Mon & Mon 2 & 3 Comprehensive Exam
23rd March, 2017 Thur 5 Pakistan Day (Holiday)
07th Apr, 2017 Fri 7 Last date to submit DMC (New Intake)
10th Apr, 2017 Mon 8 Last date to deposit 2nd Instalment
15th Apr to 22nd Apr, 2017 Sat to Sat 8 & 9 Mid Term Exam
28th Apr, 2017 Fri 10 Mid Term Result Notification
1st May, 2017 Mon 11 International Labour Day
12th May, 2017 Fri 12 Last date to withdraw courses
09th Jun, 2017 Fri 16 End of Classes
09th Jun, 2017 Fri 16 Last Date for Correction in Pre-finals *
10th to 12th Jun, 2017 Sat to Mon 17 Final Exam Preparation
13th Jun to 23rd Jun, 2017 Tue to Thur 17 & 18 Final Exam
26th Jun to 28th Jun, 2017 Mon to Wed 17 Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays
04th Jul, 2017 Tue 20 Grades Notification

*No request for correction in pre-final marks shall be entertained after this date.