Machine Design and CAD - I (ME3052)


Engineering Drawing and Graphics (ME-1011)

Mechanics of Machines (ME-2033)

Recommended Book(s)

  1. Mechanical Engineering Design, By J.E. Shigley, McGraw Hill

Reference Book(s)

  1. Machine Design, An Integrated Approach, By R L Norton, McGraw Hill.
  2. Design Of Machine Elements, By M.F. Spotts, Prentice Hall
  3. Fundamentals Of Machine Component Design, By R. C. Juvinall & K. M. Marshek, John Wiley.
  4. Related CAD Software User’s Guide

Course Objectives

To design common machine elements and gain experience in solving design problems. To prepare professional quality solutions and communicate the results of analysis and design, effectively.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

  1. CLO-1: Analyze the standards and techniques used in design and analysis of machine elements like keys, couplings, brakes, clutches, fly wheels and screws.(C5) 
  2. CLO-2: Select appropriate solutions for machine design problems related to fastening and other elements. (C5)
  3. CLO-3: Evaluate a design problem within the given parameters and constraints in a project. (C5)
  4. CLO-4: Demonstrate the ability to learn and select appropriate software for the design project and perform literature survey in order to contribute to lifelong learning. (A3)

Course Contents

  • Basic criteria of design of machine parts, determination of permissible and actual stress, factor of safety.
  • Design of keys, cotters, and couplings.
  • Design of brakes, clutches and flywheel.
  • Design of welded, riveted and bolted joints.
  • Design of translation screws.
  • Design codes and standards, tolerances, standards of fits & tolerances.
  • Fundamentals of CAD

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes






PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)


PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)





PLO:3 (Design Development of Solutions)




PLO:4 (Investigation)





PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)





PLO:6 (Engineer & Society)





PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)





PLO:8 (Ethics)





PLO:9 (Individual & Team Work)





PLO:10 (Communication)





PLO:11 (Project Management)




PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)





Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules

Assessment Modules \ CLOs





Assignments (05%)





Quizzes (15%)





Project (15%)





Midterm Exam (20%)





Final Exam (40%)