Heat & Mass Transfer Lab (ME3131)


Heat & Mass Transfer (ME-3133)

Recommended Book(s)

Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory Manual

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to develop understanding and demonstrate the basic principles of Heat and Mass Transfer like, the phenomenon of heat conduction, convection and heat exchange and to enhance the psychomotor skills

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

  1. CLO:1Operate multiple Heat Transfer testing units to determine heat conduction properties of materials and observe heat transfer phenomenon. (P2)
  2. CLO:2Manipulate different settings and parameters of Heat Transfer units and their Control systems to investigate the effect of changing materials and temperatures on heat transfer. (P2)

Course Contents

As per Laboratory Manual

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes




PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)



PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)



PLO:3 (Design Development of Solutions)



PLO:4 (Investigation)



PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)



PLO:6 (Engineer & Society)



PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)



PLO:8 (Ethics)



PLO:9 (Individual & Team Work)



PLO:10 (Communication)



PLO:11 (Project Management)



PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)



Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules

Assessment Modules \ CLOs



Lab Activities/Viva ( %)



Lab Reports ( %)



MidTerm Evaluation( %)



FinalTerm Evaluation  ( %)