Manufacturing Processes Lab (ME3611)


Manufacturing Processes (ME-3613)

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Manufacturing Processes Laboratory Manual

Course Objectives

To introduce and demonstrate students the basic concepts of shearing, bending and molding operations and to develop knowledge of appropriate parameters to be used for manufacturing operations. Ability to demonstrate skills for completion of tasks individually like preparing a manufactured part, operating a piece of equipment or using software.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

  1. CLO-1: Explain the working principles and processing characteristics of TIG, MIG welding, shearing, bending and riveting operations (P2)
  2. CLO-2: Reproduce the results of effects of speed, feed and depth of cut on surface roughness using turning operations using modern computation tools. (P3)

Course Contents

Laboratory Manual Description

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes




PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)



PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)



PLO:3 (Design Development of Solutions)



PLO:4 (Investigation)



PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)



PLO:6 (Engineer & Society)



PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)



PLO:8 (Ethics)



PLO:9 (Individual & Team Work)



PLO:10 (Communication)



PLO:11 (Project Management)



PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)



Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules

Assessment Modules \ CLOs



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Lab Reports ( %)



MidTerm Evaluation( %)



FinalTerm Evaluation  ( %)