IC Engine Lab (ME4141)


IC Engine (ME-4142)

Recommended Book(s)

IC Engine Laboratory Manual

Course Objectives

The core objective of this lab is to demonstrate and develop understanding of basic working principles of Petrol and Diesel Engines and to know how the different parameters (Torque, RPM, Power) of engines affect the engine performance with emphasis on improvement of psychomotor skills.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

  1. Investigate the variation in mixture of air and fuel and its resultant impact on efficiency of combustion process.       (C4)
  2. Investigate PV diagram as generated by varying the torque and rpm of diesel and petrol engine apparatus. (C4)

Course Contents

As stated in Laboratory Manual

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes




PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)



PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)


PLO:3 (Design Development of Solutions)



PLO:4 (Investigation)



PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)



PLO:6 (Engineer & Society)



PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)



PLO:8 (Ethics)



PLO:9 (Individual & Team Work)



PLO:10 (Communication)



PLO:11 (Project Management)



PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)



Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules

Assessment Modules \ CLOs



Lab Activities/Viva ( %)



Lab Reports ( %)



MidTerm Evaluation( %)



FinalTerm Evaluation  ( %)