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Microprocessor and Computer Architecture Lab (EE3321)


Digital Logic Design (EE-2313)

Recommended Book(s)

The AVR Microcontroller And Embedded System Using Assembly & C

Reference Book(s)


Course Objectives

This course introduces students with the internal architecture, Assembly Language programming concepts and I/O interfaces of 8086 & 8088 microprocessors. Students will develop comprehensive understanding of the Intel x86 software programming model and instruction set. Course will focus on Intel x86 assembly programming techniques. Students will also learn 8086/8088 modes of operations, interfacing of memory and I/O devices, pipe lining and Cache memory hierarchy.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

CLO:1. State basic knowledge of microcontroller architecture and its suitability in a variety of daily life applications  (Level: C2)

CLO:2. Express hands on experience on AVR studio, Proteus using assembly and C language programming (Level: C3)

CLO:3. Express knowledge of microcontrollers and its interfacing with different type of peripherals (Level: P1)

CLO:4. Design a robotics project and investigate individual blocks of the project and debug errors in the design and assembly(Level: C6)

Course Contents

Lab Experiments
Introduction to Atmega32 micro-controller architecture
Introduction to assembly language
Input/output programming using assembly language
Introduction to C-programming
Input output pin/port programming using C language
Timers and counter programming
PWM generation and motor speed control using PWM
Interrupts programming
Interfacing 16x2 LCD
Interfacing m*n keypad
Stepper motor interfacing with Atmega-32
Programming and interfacing ADC and DAC in Atmega32.
Serial communication
Introduction to robotics

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes






PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)




PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)





PLO:3 (Design and Development of Solutions)





PLO: (Investigation)




PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)



PLO:6 (The Engineer and Society)





PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)





PLO:8 (Ethics)





PLO:9 (Individual and Team Work)





PLO:10 (Communication)





PLO:11 (Project Management)





PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)