Control Engineering Lab (EEME4011)


Control Engineering (EEME-4012)

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Course Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

CLO-1: Express the knowledge of MATLAB-SIMULINK to analyze system response by applying different inputs (step, ramp, pulse, etc.). (C2)

CLO-2: Express knowledge of Lego Mindstorms, working knowledge of ball and beam and inverted pendulum as practical applications of Control Systems. (P1)

CLO-3: Design and investigate proportional, integral, and derivative controller for a physical system along with tuning of PID. (C6)

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Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes





PLO:1 (Engineering Knowledge)




PLO:2 (Problem Analysis)




PLO:3 (Design Development of Solutions)




PLO:4 (Investigation)



PLO:5 (Modern Tool Usage)




PLO:6 (Engineer & Society)




PLO:7 (Environment and Sustainability)




PLO:8 (Ethics)




PLO:9 (Individual & Team Work)




PLO:10 (Communication)




PLO:11 (Project Management)




PLO:12 (Life Long Learning)