Software Engineering - I (SE2223)


Introduction to Database Systems (CS-2313)

Data Structures (CS-2143)

Recommended Book(s)

 Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach By R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc
 Software Engineering Process With The UPEDU  By Pierre N. Robillard, Phillppe Kruchten With Patrick D’Astous
Systems Analysis & Design In Changing World   By Johan W. Satzinger, Robert B. Jackson, And Stephen D. Burd
 System Analysis Design Methods, By Whtten Bentley Dittman

Reference Book(s)

Software Runaways ,  By Robert Glass
Software Project Management: Readings And Cases,  By Chris F Kemerer
Requirements Engineering For Sociotechnical Systems, By Jose Luis Mate, Andres Silva


Course Objectives

Have knowledge about important areas of software engineering such as planning, estimation, scheduling, process models, management, quality management, change and configuration management Be able to comprehend the knowledge in effective manner Be able to implement the knowledge through course project

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

Course Objectives

Course Contents

Introduction to Software Engineering

Issues with software development

Software Development Processes:



Agile Processes 

Agile vs. Heavy Weight Process,

Software Development Practices

Rational Unified Process & its Workflows in Detail

 Requirements Engineering:

S/W Analysis

User Interface Design

Software Design and Architecture

Business Logic & Persistence 

Component Level Design

 Software Project Management:




Risk Management

Quality Management:

Testing Strategies

Software Testing Techniques

Change Management

 Software Deployment 

Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules

Final Exam


Surprise Tests/Quizzes


Midterm Exam