Mechanics of Solids-I Lab (CE2221)



Recommended Book(s)

Strength Of Materials, A. Patel And F. L. Singer, Latest Edition 

Reference Book(s)

Mechanics Of Solids & Strength Of Materials, F.V. Warnock And P.P. Benham,Latest Edition

Mechanics Of Materials,J. M. Gere And B. J. Goodno, 7thEdition 

Course Objectives

1. To understand fundamentals regarding Mechanics of Solids. 2. To develop ability of students to carry out analysis of complex state of stress. 3. To familiarize students about the failure modes of materials. 4. To enhance skills of utilizing materials of appropriate strength for civil engineering applications.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

CLO:1            Understand the basic concept of simple stress and strain , theory of flexure and  torsion, springs and strain energy.

CLO:2            Will be able to understand the complex state of stresses.

CLO:3            Have understanding about failure modes of materials and response to fatigue.

CLO:4            Have skills to identify materials of appropriate strength for structural elements.

Course Contents

Compressive and tensile stress-strain curve.

Modulus of rupture.

Shear Test.

Torsion test.

Deflection of curved beam.

Plastic limit of brittle and ductile materials.

Fatigue loading.

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes

Mapping of CLOs to Lab Practical of Mechanics of Solids



Lab Practical


(Basic Concepts)


(Complex State of Stress)


 (Failure Modes and fatigue)


 (Identify Materials of Reqd. Strength)

Compressive and tensile stress-strain curve



Modulus of rupture




Shear Test



Torsion test




Deflection of curved beam




Plastic limit of brittle and ductile materials



Fatigue loading


Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules






Assessment Modules

Assignments (20-25%)



Quizzes (15-20%)


Midterm Exam (20%)



Final Exam (40-45%)