Soil Mechanics Lab (CE2321)



Recommended Book(s)

Basic Soil Mechanics, Whitlow R., Latest Edition

Reference Book(s)

Geotechnical Engineering, Donald P. Coduto

Course Objectives

1. Have the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to understand the measurement techniques and equipment used in soil mechanics and foundation engineering. 2. To enable students to understand theory and practice of soil mechanics. 3. To enable students to solve soil related problems. 4. To develop skills to use modern soil mechanics equipments.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

CLO:1            Gain the ability to identify the natural processes occurring on surface of earth.

CLO:2            Gain a basic understanding of fundamentals of soil behavior and soil classification systems.

CLO:3            Gain the ability to solve a range of soil related problems, especially those involving water flow and soil settlement.

CLO:4            Gain the ability to use modern soil mechanics equipment and soil investigation procedures.

Course Contents

Grain size analysis.

Specific gravity determination.

Water content determination.

Atterberg limits (liquid limit and plastic limit).

Moisture density relation (compaction/proctor test).

In situ density of soil.

Density by sand replacement method.

Permeability (hydraulic conductivity) test.

Constant head method.

Relative density determination.

Direct shear test.

Unconfined compression (UC) test.

Mapping of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes

Mapping of CLOs to Lab Practicals of Soil Mechanics

Lab Practicals



(Natural Processes on Earth’s Surface)


(Soil Classification Systems)


 (Solution of Soil



 (Equipment Usage)

Grain size analysis


Specific gravity determination


Water content determination



Atterberg limits (liquid limit and plastic limit)



Moisture density relation (compaction/proctor test)



In situ density of soil


Density by sand replacement method


Permeability (hydraulic conductivity) test


Constant head method


Relative density determination



Direct shear test


Unconfined Compression Test



Mapping of CLOs to Assessment Modules









Assignments (20-25%)


Quizzes (15-20%)


Midterm Exam (20%)



Final Exam (40-45%)