Civil Engineering Lab Facilities

Materials Laboratory

This laboratory comprises of Aggregates Crushing Value Apparatus, Slump Cone Apparatus, Compacting Factor Apparatus, Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus, Vicat Needle Apparatus, Aggregates Impact value apparatus, Electric Sieve Shaker and Weighing Balance.

Plain and reinforced Concrete Laboratory

This laboratory has Cube Moulds, Cylinder Moulds, σ ε Apparatus, Capping Apparatus, Slump Cone Apparatus, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Mixer Machine, Curing Tank, Core Cutting Machine, Schmidt Hammer, Ultra-sonic Pulse Velocity Apparatus, Tension/Flexure Testing machine, Split Tensile Strength Apparatus, Rebar Scanner with Accessories, Reinforcement Cages, and Compression Testing machine.

Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory comprises of simple Jib Crane Model, Flexible Hanging Rope Apparatus, Moment Balancing Apparatus, Servo-Hydraulic machine (UTM), Simply Supported Beam Model, Shear Centre Apparatus, Centre of Gravity Apparatus, Column Buckling Apparatus, Unsymmetrically Loaded Cantilever, Moment of Inertia Apparatus, Wheel and Axel, and Adjustable Wooden Slide Board with Side Pulley.

Strength Laboratory

This laboratory has Tension/Flexure Testing machine, Compression Testing machine, Decmec machine Strain Gauge, Strain Measuring System, Inside and Outside Compass, Charpy's Impact Testing machine, Combined Bending and Torsion Apparatus, Curved Bar Apparatus, Torsion Testing machine.

Engineering Drawing Hall

This has drawing boards along with stands to facilitate students for their drawing activities.

Hydrology, Hydraulics and Irrigation Laboratory

This laboratory has Energy Loses in Bends and Fitting Model, Impeller Vortex Apparatus, Series and Parallel Centrifugal Apparatus, Adjustable Bed Flow Channel, Sediment Transport Channel, Basic Hydrology System, Rainfall Hydrograph, Standard Glass Sided Tilting Flumes, Basic Hydrology Apparatus, Colorimeter, Flow Meter, Current Meter, Velocity Meter, Manometer, Water Hammer Apparatus, Loss of Head Apparatus, Open Channel with DC Power, and Digital Lysimeter.

Environmental Laboratory

This laboratory has Titration equipment, Autoclave, Incubator, Sample bottle, Fermentation tubes with Inverted Vials, Dilution bottles, Pipettes and Pipette Stand, pH meter, Muffle Furnace, Desiccators provided with Desiccant, Analytical Balance, Wide-mouth Pipettes, Evaporating dishes, Low-form beaker, Nephelometric Meter, BOD bottle, Incubation bottles, Air Incubator / Water Bath, Erlenmeyer Flask, Small Beakers, Reflux Apparatus, Blender, Glass Bends, Fume Hood, Kjeldhal flask and Glass beads.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory comprises of Hydrostatic Panel, Hydraulics Bench, Gravimetric, Metacentric height, Flow over a Notch, Jet Impact, Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus, Orifice and Free Jet flow, Flow Meter, Piping Loss Test set, Dead Weight Pressure Tester, Osborne Reynolds Apparatus, Center of Pressure Apparatus, Redwood Viscometer, Series and Parallel Pump Test, Francis Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Bourdon Pressure Guage and Channeled Tank.

Survey Laboratory

This laboratory has Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Hand Held GPS, Plane Table and Accessories, Prismatic Compasses, Aluminum tripod, Automatic level, Leveling staff, Ranging rod, Walkie Talkie, Chains, Measuring Tapes and Wooden pegs.

Transportation Laboratory

This laboratory has Length/Elongation Index Gauge, Metal Cylinder, Tamping Rod, Metal Scoop, Sample Container, arrangement for Suspending Sample Container, Container for filling Water, Los Angeles Abrasion machine, Abrasive Charges, Slider, Leveling Screws, Scale, Drag point, Locking and Control knobs, Frictional Rings, Clevelend Cup Apparatus, Shield, Thermometer, Moulds, Compaction Hammer, Flow Meter, Marshall Testing Machine, Penetration Apparatus, Water Bath, Timing Device, Pensky-Martens Apparatus, Pycnometer, Ring, Ball, Ball Centering Guide, Ring Holder, Brass Pouring Plate.

Geotechnical Laboratory

This laboratory has California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus, Plate Load Test Apparatus, Consolidation Apparatus, Shear Box Apparatus, Field Density Apparatus, Grain Size Analysis Apparatus, Liquid Limit Apparatus, Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus, Plastic Limit set, Permeability Apparatus, Pycnometer Apparatus, Sampling Augers, Sieve shakers, Soil Hydrometer, Standard Penetration Test kit, Tri-axial Compression Test Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Vane Shear Apparatus, Highly precise Direct Shear Machine, Oedometer Apparatus, Permeameter Constant and Falling Head, Relative Density Test Apparatus, Standard Penetration Test Apparatus and Triaxial Test Machine System.

Digital Lab

This laboratory has computers available for students during university timings for their study purposes.