BI and Biosciences

MS Bioinformatics (Evening)

Bioinformatics is a newly emerging field worldwide and more so in Pakistan. There is a growing scope for bioinformatics trained personnel in Pakistan in public sector as Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has declared it as a mandatory part of curriculum in all degree programs of biology. Therefore to cater the people from disciplines to bioinformatics, the course content of MS Bioinformatics program depends on the Bachelor's degree which the student had earned. For instance, with a Bachelor in computer science, the candidate will have to study additional courses from the discipline of biological science to complement deficiencies in this area. Similarly, if the basic degree of candidate is in biological sciences then to complement the requirements, candidate will study more courses from the discipline of computer science, statistics and mathematics. Course advisors are assigned to help the candidate to make an appropriate choice amongst the offered courses to cover the deficiency the latest degree conferred. MS in Bioinformatics is a 2 years program comprising 4 semesters: one year for course work and one year for research/ Course work. The course work covers various areas from disciplines of Biological Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics. In addition to core courses, students can choose from a number of elective courses in bioinformatics, computer sciences and biosciences.

Information regarding accreditation of this discipline will be provided soon