Electrical Engineering

MS Computer Engineering (Evening)

During last two decades, the world of a common man has drastically changed with the extensive use of computers in daily life. In mid 80s, it was realized that computer engineering should be distinguished from the basic computer sciences and electrical engineering, due to its growing independent scope and the potential of its vast emerging applications. It is not surprising that Computer Engineering is one of the fastest expanding fields of engineering.

In the start of the last decade, upon the converging behavior of communications technologies to computer networks, a new paradigm of ICT was formed. Soon, with the passage of time due to the extensive use of data processing, some parts of communications engineering, i.e. the applications, data transmission and reception, coding and security encryption were also made as parts of the computer engineering. This way, both telecommunications and computer networks became sub-domains of computer engineering. Recently, 4th generation cellular systems are totally being studied in computer engineering domain. Nevertheless, signal processing in these systems is still thought to be the integral part of electrical and electronics technologies.

The Faculty of Engineering is offering graduate program in Computer Engineering which leads to the award of MS and PhD degrees in following specialization:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Vision
  • Communication
  • Computer Networks

The Program of Master of Science in Electronic Engineering at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is approved by the Pakistan Engineering Council.