Capital University of Science & Technology

Student's Discipline

    Acts of Indiscipline

    • Capital University of Science & Technology aims at enriching the personality of its students by including in them a sense of tolerance, discipline and civilized behavior.

      The behavior of the students at the campus will be governed by the following rules and regulations. The Discipline Committee will have the authority to impose penalties on the students found guilty of breach of discipline on the campus and during conduct of examinations.

      The following among others, shall constitute acts of indiscipline:

      • Violation of Dress Code, and ID card rules.
      • Use of indecent and filthy language; undesirable remarks and gestures; acts of moral turpitude; disorderly behavior like abusing, quarreling, fighting, insolence towards others.
      • Indulgence in acts which may cause insult or physical injury to the colleagues, teachers, officers and staff of the University or any other person.
      • Defying a University official.
      • Spreading by word of mouth or written material, any religious, sectarian, ethnic regional, linguistic conflicts/hatred, or any material derogatory to Pakistan, Islam or any other religion.
      • Impersonation, giving false information, willful suppression of information, cheating or deceiving.
      • Possession, carrying or use of any type of weapons.
      • Damaging University property, including building, equipment, vehicle, etc. in any manner
      • Using any University property, without lawful authority.
      • Sale, distribution or consumption of intoxicants on the campus.
      • Use of student organizations for furthering the cause of political parties.
      • Bringing to the premises of the University any expelled students or anti –social elements.
      • Obstructing the functioning of the University or causing disruption of teaching/research/ other activities.
      • Any other relevant matter not specifically mentioned in these rules.


      • Helping one another in any manner during examination.
      • Getting assistance from a book, notes printed or photocopied material (unless it is clearly mentioned in the instructions of the question paper).
      • Using answer sheets for making appeals to the examiner or writing irrelevant remarks; misusing the answer sheet; removing pages from answer sheets, etc.
      • Getting assistance through communication devices, like cell phones etc.
      • Replacing answer sheets with other answer sheets not distributed for exam (e.g. prepared at home, prepared on campus prior to the exam, etc).
      • Exchanging answer sheets with other students.
      • Writing Roll Number of another student on ones- own answer sheet.
      • Cheating and being rude, abusive, aggressive, etc. with the invigilator during examination.
      • Disobeying the staff on invigilation/inspection/supervision duty.
      • Creating disturbance around the examination hall.

    Penalties for Acts of Indiscipline

    • Minor Penalties
      • Warning / Censuring, verbal or written.
      • Putting on probation for a specific period.
      • A fine with or without any other penalty.
      • Withholding of a certificate of good moral charter.
      • Withdrawal of benefits/privileges enjoyed by the student (s) of the University.
      • Withholding of Examination Results.
    • Major Penalties/Punishments
      • Fine commensurate with the nature and extent of misconduct.
      • Cancellation of hostel accommodation, if any.
      • Cancellation of financial benefits/concessions, suspension of admission and ban on the entry into the premises of the university, for a specific period.
      • Cancellation of examination results.
      • Rustication from the University for a specific period and ban on entry into University campus.
      • Expulsion from the University and permanent ban on entry into the University campus.
    • Other Penalties in Examination Cases
      • Oral Warning.
      • Written warning/censuring.
      • Cancellation of answer sheet.
      • Cancellation of a course.
      • Cancellation of Mid-term Exam for all courses, during the Mid-term Exams.
      • Cancellation of one complete semester.
      • Rustication for a specific period of time. Expulsion from the university.