MS Regulations

  • MS Regulations
    • Completion of sixteen years of schooling or 04 year education (130 semester credit hours) after HSSC/F.A./F.Sc/Grad 12 or equivalent shall be required for admission in the MS program.
    • The GAT-General conducted by the National Testing Service with minimum 50% cumulative score or University Admission Test shall be required for admission in the MS Program.
    • One of the following options in compliance with Core, Elective and Specialization courses as defined by the department shall be completed, as MS scholar, with a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 for award of the MS degree:

      OptionsTotal SCH
      24 SCH course work with 6 SCH Thesis30 SCH
      27 SCH course with 3 SCH project30 SCH
      Course work only30 SCH
    • A maximum allowable course registration in a Spring or in a Fall Semester is 12 course SCH, whereas, it is 6 SCH in Summer a semester.
    • A registered scholar can submit a thesis only if his/her registration in the program is active (registered).
    • Examination shall be arranged within one month of the date of thesis submission.
    • MS thesis shall be examined, in an open defense, by a committee comprising :

      Dean of the Faculty Coordinator
      External examiner Member
      Internal examiner Member
      Supervisor Member
    • There should be an agreement amongst the committee members that the candidate has met the minimum requirement to qualify the thesis and grade shall be awarded as per following:

      External examiner 50%
      Internal examiner 30%
      Supervisor 30%
    • Thesis shall be graded as per the normal university graduate grading policy. If 'F- grade is awarded then scholar can re-submit the thesis after a period of minimum 90 days with fresh registration.
    • A thesis with minor revisions shall be submitted within four weeks from the date of examination failing which it shall be treated as re-submission.
    • A thesis with major revisions or re-submission shall be re-examined.
    • A re-submission shall require fresh registration of credit hours associated with the thesis.
    • If a thesis after submission is found plagiarized having similarity index equal to or greater than 20%, 'F- grade shall be awarded.
    • The date of completion shall be the date of examination of the thesis, if other conditions for the award of degree are fulfilled.
    • A maximum allowable duration, inclusive of semester break, for the MS program shall be 04 years from the date of admission whereas the normal duration is 02 years.
    • A scholar shall register in each semester and an unauthorized absence from the University for two consecutive semesters shall lead to the cancellation of admission.
    • A scholar may repeat a course in which he/she has earned B- or below.
    • A scholar, at the end of program, may get an elective course substituted with another one with the approval of the department.
    • A scholar exceeding the normal duration for what so ever reason shall not be eligible for a medal/award.
    • The program completion shall be prepared and verified by the Department.
    • Controller of Examination shall present the completion cases in a BASR meeting.
    • A scholar-s program completion shall be subject to the approval from the Board of Advance Studies and Research (BASR). However, a transcript / provisional certificate indicating program completion may be issued, on the recommendations of the Dean, by the Chairman of the BASR.
    • List of scholars who have completed MS shall be issued over the seal of the Registrar.
    • Three copies of the final thesis along with a CD, containing soft copy of the thesis, shall be submitted to the department.