Course Description:
This lab covers the techniques of modern digital signal processing that are fundamental to a wide variety of application areas. Special emphasis is placed on the architectures and design techniques for digital filters.

Course Learning Outcomes:
CLO:1 Perform various operations on discrete signals including Sampling, quantization, reconstruction, convolution and correlation in MATLAB and model FIR and IIR filters to meet specific requirements.
CLO:2 Acquire knowledge of Code composer studio and DSK 6713 to verify algorithms and measure system performance.
CLO:3 Design and construct a project to manipulate signals and processes involved in signal processing for certain applications using DSK 6713 and write a technical report documenting results.

Lab Experiments:
1. Basic Signal Processing Methodology and Technique
2. Sampling and Aliasing
3. Convolution and Moving Average Filter
4. Z-Transform and Discrete Fourier Transform
5. Introduction to DSP Kit DSK C6713
6. Introduction to Code Composer Studio and Wave Generation on C6713
7. Convolution Using CCS on C6713
8. Data Acquisition Using AIC Codec on C6713
9. Filter Implementation Using MATLAB and CCS 6713
10. IIR and FIR Filter Design and Analysis Using FDA Tool and Script Writing Techniques of MATLAB