The BS- Psychology program is designed to develop and evaluate psychological concepts using a curriculum which advances specialist knowledge in a range of subject areas (including but not limited to clinical, forensic, organizational, counseling and school psychology). The psychology graduates will help address the growing in demand of psychologists various domains like hospitals, academia, organizations, armed forces and public sector organizations. The state-of-the-art campus facilities with experienced faculty make our program best choice for young psychologists of the future.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEOs describe the expected accomplishments of the BS Psychology graduates after completion of the above-mentioned program. The Department of Psychology intends to achieve the following objectives:

PEO-1 The graduates will demonstrate their knowledge about key concepts, principles, and overarching psychology themes along with their applications.
PEO-2 The graduates will incorporate their innovative, integrative, and problem-solving skills to develop diverse communities at local, national, and global levels, through scientific reasoning, and research based on ethical standards.
PEO-3 The graduates will demonstrate effective written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills to lead meaningfully charged professional careers.

Program Learning Objectives (PLOs)

   PLO-1 Knowledge:

An ability to understand acquired knowledge on sensation, perception, cognition, learning, memory, language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, sexuality, gender, personality, psychological disorders, neuroscience and treatments, cross-cultural diversity, and social considerations.

  PLO-2 Problem Analysis:

An ability to identify, analyze,
formulate, and apply gained knowledge in the field of psychology for configuring theoretical and practical problems.

  PLO-3 Scientific Reasoning and Modern Tool Usage:

An ability to use relevant sources of scientific knowledge to identify, frame, and generate novel and practical solutions for psychological issues by using requisite modern tools and research methods.

  PLO-4 Corporate Social Responsibility:

An ability to understand the impact of societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate knowledge of health, safety, legal, and cultural concerns for sustainable development.

  PLO-5 Ethics:

Apply ethical principles in professional manner, keeping in view the norms of society.

  PLO-6 Communication:

An ability to communicate professionally, verbally as well as in writing.

  PLO-7 Individual and Team Work:

An ability to work individually and collectively in teams, in multifaceted and/or multidisciplinary settings.

  PLO-8 Management Skills:

To apply psychology specific content in intra and interpersonal management, treatment, project management, teamwork exhibit self-reflection, and career preparation in a cohesive environment.

  PLO-9 Entrepreneurial and Professional Skills:

An ability to exhibit work-place entrepreneurial and professional skills in hospital, educational, military or industrial/organizational setups, by adding innovation and integrity in relevant fields.

  PLO-10 Lifelong Learning:

Ability to transfer learned knowledge of psychology in novel contexts and diverse situations.

Admission Requirements

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent securing at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • CUST Admission test/ NTS test/HEC test.

Degree Requirements

The candidate is required to complete 133 Cr. Hrs. as per following details:

Areas Cr. Hrs.
General Education 39
Distribution Requirement 18
Foundation Courses 18
Major Courses 42
Elective Courses 12
Thesis 4
Practical Lab Learning 0
Internship 0
Community Services 0
Total 133

General Requirements (39 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Islamic Studies PSYG1013 3
English-I PSYG1113 3
Introduction to Sociology PSYG1213 3
Mathematics PSYG1313 3
Computing and Analytics PSYG1413 3
Language-I PSYG15x3 3
Pakistan Studies PSYG1023 3
English-II PSYG1123 3
Economics PSYG1223 3
Statistics and Probability PSYG1323 3
Analytical Reasoning PSYG1423 3
Language-II PSYG15x3 3
English-III PSYG2133 3

Distribution Requirements (18 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Principles of Management MGTP1003 3
Teaching and Learning skills BCMP1003 3
Anthropology PSYB2103 3
Research Methods-I RCHP3003 3
Research Methods-II RCHP3103 3
Introduction to Social Work PSYB2043 3

Discipline Specific Requirements

1. Discipline Specific Foundation Courses (18 Cr. Hrs)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Introduction to Psychology PSYB1003 3
Schools and Perspectives in Psychology PSYB1023 3
Biological Basis of Behavior PSYB3043 3
Applied Areas of Psychology PSYB2063 3
Ethical Issues in Psychology PSYB2073 3
Gender Issues in Psychology PSYB2083 3

2. Major Courses (42 Cr. Hrs)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Practical in Psychology PSYB1001 1
Theories of Personality PSYB2023 3
Developmental Psychology PSYB3113 3
Environmental Psychology PSYB2033 3
Psychological Assessment PSYB3003 3
Psychological Assessment Practical PSYB3001 1
Psychopathology PSYB3023 3
Cross Cultural Psychology PSYB4103 3
Data Analysis MTHP4013 3
Social Psychology HMP2073 3
Health Psychology PSYB4043 3
Experimental Psychology PSYB2013 3
Lab Experiments PSYB4002 1
Cognitive Psychology PSYB4113 3
Positive Psychology PSYB4003 3
Peace Psychology PSYB4013 3

3. Electives (12 Cr. Hrs)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Clinical Psychology PSYB4603 3
Counseling Psychology PSYB4613 3
Organizational Psychology PSYB4623 3
Educational Psychology PSYB4633 3
Forensic Psychology PSYB4643 3
Neuropsychology PSYB4653 3
Psychology of Aging PSYB4663 3
Sports Psychology PSYB4673 3
Military Psychology PSYB4683 3
Family Psychology PSYB4693 3
Psychopharmacology PSYB4703 3
Developmental Psychopathology and its Prevention PSYB4713 3
Practicum/ Case Reports PSYB4723 3
Therapeutic Interventions PSYB4733 3
Psychology of Individuals with Special Needs PSYB4743 3
School Counseling PSYB4753 3
Human Resource Management PSYB4763 3
Consumer Behavior PSYB4773 3
Assessment and Interventions in Education PSYB4783 3
Public Mental Health PSYB4793 3

Research Thesis (4 Cr. Hrs.)

It is mandatory for every student to complete a thesis following the 6th semester or after the completion of 100 credit hours of course work. The thesis shall be completed in two parts as given below:

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Research Thesis Part I RCHP4112 2
Research Thesis Part II RCHP4112 2

Practical Learning Lab (PLXXX0X0)

Each student is required to complete training spread over 4 semesters in one of the following:
a) Entrepreneurship (PLENX0x0)
b) Extracurricular Activities (PLSPX0x0)
c) Co-Curricular Activities (PLYCX0x0)

Internship (PY4000)

Each student is required to complete 9-week supervised internship training usually after 6 semesters or on completion of 100 Cr. Hrs. The internship shall be graded as pass/fail.

Community Service (VIS4000)

Each student is required to complete 65 hours community work, usually after 4th semester which is be a prerequisite for the award of BS degree.


This is a four year degree program comprising of 8 semesters. There will be a Fall and a Spring semester each year. The summer semester will be utilized for internship or deficiency courses. The maximum duration to complete the BS Psychology degree is 7 years.

CGPA Requirement

A student is required to earn a minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his/her degree requirements.

Scheme of Studies


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYG 1113 English-I 3 0 3
PSYG 1213 Introduction to Sociology 3 0 3
PSYG 1313 Mathematics 3 0 3
PSYG 1413 Computing and Analytical Tools 3 0 3
PSYG 15×3 Language-I 3 0 3
PSYG 1023 Pakistan Studies 3 0 3


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYG 1123 English-II 3 0 3
PSYG 1223 Economics 3 0 3
PSYG 1323 Statistics and Probability 3 0 3
PSYG 1423 Analytical Reasoning 3 0 3
PSYG 15×3 Language II 3 0 3
PSYG 1013 Islamic Studies 3 0 3


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYG 2133 English-III 3 0 3
MGTP 1003 Principles of Management 3 0 3
PSYB 1003 Introduction to Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 1023 Schools and Perspectives in Psychology 3 0 3
BCMP 1003 Teaching and Learning skills 3 0 3
PSYB 3043 Biological Basis of Behavior 3 0 3


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYB 2103 Anthropology 3 0 3
PSYB 1001 Practical’s in Psychology 0 3 1
PSYB 2023 Theories of Personality 3 0 3
PSYB 2063 Applied Areas of Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 2073 Ethical Issues in Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 3133 Developmental Psychology 3 0 3


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYB 2083 Gender Issues in Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 2033 Environmental Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 3003 Psychological Assessment 3 0 3
PSYB 3001 Psychological Assessment Practical 0 3 1
RCHP 3003 Research Methods I 3 0 3
PSYB 3023 Psychopathology 3 0 3
PLXX 3010 Practical Learning Lab I 0 0 0


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
RCHP 3103 Research Methods II 3 0 3
PSYB 2043 Introduction to social work 3 0 3
PSYB 4103 Cross Cultural Psychology 3 0 3
MTHP 4013 Data Analysis 3 0 3
HMP 2073 Social Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 4043 Health Psychology 3 0 3
PLXX 3020 Practical Learning Lab-II 0 0 0


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYB 2013 Experimental Psychology 3 3 3
PSYB 4002 Lab Experiments 2 0 2
PSYB 4XX3 Elective-I 3 0 3
PSYB 4xx3 Elective-II 3 0 3
RCHP 4112 Research Thesis Part I 0 6 2
PSYB 4113 Cognitive Psychology 3 0 3
PLXX 4030 Practical Learning Lab III 3 0 3


Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
PSYB 4003 Positive Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 4013 Peace Psychology 3 0 3
PSYB 4xxx3 Elective III 3 0 3
PSYB 4xx3 Elective IV 3 0 3
RCHP 4122 Research Thesis Part II 0 6 2
PLXX 4040 Practical Learning Lab-IV 0 0 0