Capital University of Science & Technology

Dr. Sayyed M. Mehdi Raza Naqvi


Associate Professor

Contact Information
Phone : 111-878787 Ext: 196
PhD Human Resource Management Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 2012
MS in Management Sciences HRM Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 2006
Masters in Economics Economics of Population and Manpower, Econometrics The Punjab University, Lahore 1989
Associate Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad 2014 - 2016
Assistant Professor Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 2006 - 2013
Associate Professor Punjab College of Commerce 6th Road,Rawalpindi 2003 - 2006
Assistant Professor Punjab College of Commerce 6th Road,Rawalpindi 1995 - 2003
Lecturer Punjab College of Commerce 6th Road,Rawalpindi 1994 - 1995
Vice Principal Punjab College of Commerce, 6th Road, Rawalpindi 1995 - 2006
Professional Member
Honors & Awards
MS. (HRM) 2004-2006 (Gold Medalist)
Research Areas / Interests
High Performance Work Systems, RBV, HRM Practices, Employees' Attitudes and Behaviors, Employee Performance, Organizational Performance.
Research SUPERVISion
PhD Employee Greed, Its antecedents and outcomes: Development and testing of an integrated model
PhD Family Dynamics and Buying Decision: Development & Testing of Model for Pakistani Consumer Market: An Application of Theory of Planned Behavior
MS Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement
MS Ethical leadership and employee creativity: Mediating role of psychological empowerment in education sector of Pakistan
MS The impact of work family conflict and family work conflict on job satisfaction with perceived organizational support as moderator among textile employees in Pakistan
MS perceived emotional competence and employee job performance: The moderating role of job autonomy and mediating role of job satisfaction
MS Impact of social orientation on organizational cynicism and self efficacy with moderating effect of social support
MS The moderating role of power distance on the relationship between leadership styles and behaviors on employee job performance: A study of the public sector nurses of Pakistan
MS Linking work place values to turnover intentions with mediating effect of job satisfaction and OC
MS Impact of organizational justice on OCB with moderating role of organizational trust in teaching sector of Pakistan
MS Impact of safty climate on employee's job performance with mediating role of OC and job satisfaction: A study of manufacturing employees in Pakistan
MS Impact of glass ceiling on OC and job satisfaction with mediating role of carrier barrier
MS Effect of psychological capital on employee creativity with moderating effect of power distance and collectivism
MS Investigation of OCB and work pressure as employee's reactions to HPWS: Mediating role of perceived organizational justice and psychological empowerment
MS Correlational analysis of affective OC and it's outcome
MS Impact of OCB on OC
MS Impact of Interpersonal Conflict at Work on Employee’s Performance: Mediating Role of Counter Productive Work behaviors among Banking Sector Employees of Pakistan
MS Moderating role of Social Comparison Orientation on the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Deviant Work Place Behavior: A study on the Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan
MS Job Stress and its impact on job Satisfaction, Turnover Intentions and the Mediating role of Burnout: A study of Banking sector in Pakistan
MS Impact of Empowerment Enhancing Work System on Organizational citizenship Behavior: Moderating Role of power Distance among Health professionals of Pakistan
MS Impact of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Employee’s job Performance with the mediating Role of Job Stress
MS Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes of Psychological Contract Breach with the moderating effect of Age and Culture: A case study of IT industry of Pakistan
MS impact of perception of organizational politics on employee’s attitude and behaviors in banking sector of Pakistan: the moderating role of organizational justice
MS Impact of work family conflict on job satisfaction with moderating role of locus of control: A case of public sector employees
MS Impact of Perceived Organizational politics on Job Attitudes: A Moderating Role of Empowerment
MS Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Mediating Role of Personality among Capital City Police Pakistan
MS A study of the relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior: Mediating role of job satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan
MS Effect of knowledge management practices and the moderating role of interpersonal trust on firm performance: A case in software industry of Pakistan
MS Impact of organizational culture on organizational performance: The mediating role of organizational commitment in banking sector of Pakistan
    Journal Papers
  • Hanif, F., & Naqvi, S. M. M. R. , "The Role of Employee Engagement in Work Related Outcomes", Advances in Economics and Business, Vol: 3, No: 6, Pages: 204–214, 2015
  • Naqvi, S. M. M. R., and Bashir, S. , "IT-Expert Retention through Organizational Commitment: A study of Public Sector Information Technology Professionals in Pakistan", Journal of Applied Computing and Informatics, Vol: 11, No: 1, Pages: 60–75, 2015
  • Hanif, F., & Naqvi, S. M. M. R., "Analysis of Work Family Conflict in View of Nurses, in Health Sector of Pakistan", International Journal of Gender & Women’s Studies, Vol: 2, No: 4, Pages: 103–116, 2014
    Conference Papers
  • Naqvi, S. M. M. Raza.,, "High performance HR practices as a source of competitive advantage in banking sector ", International Engineering & Management Conference. 24-25 October 2012. , ISSBN/ISSN: 1840-1503, 2012
  • Naqvi, S. M. M. Raza.,, "The Impact of high performance work practices system on Organizational performance and motivation", 27th EGOS Colloquium, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 06-09 July, 2011, 2011
  • Naqvi, S. M. M. Raza.,, "The Impact of Compensation, Supervisor Support, Training & Development on Organizational Commitment of IT Professionals in Pakistan” is accepted in ", International Colloquium on Business and Management conference in Bangkok 19-22, November 2007, 2007
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