CLO:1. Develop an abstract project plan in consultation with their supervisor. Define project milestones and allocate human resources to achieve each milestone. Project tasks and milestones should be distributed into FYP part 1 and 2 in optimal fashion. (Level: A3)

CLO:2. Analyze real-life problem and use their knowledge of engineering fundamentals to identify the problem and propose a solution. Provide clear motivation and set of constraints for the project and a theoretical foundation for the approach taken in the project (Level: C4)

CLO:3. Carry out literature survey and critical review of previous work to find solution to selected problem or any other open ended real-life problem (Level: A3)

CLO:4. Formulate and design solution to the complex engineering problem by selecting appropriate components/algorithms, performing experiments and analyze result in order to make a working prototype. (Level: C5)

CLO:5. Formulate project deliverables with the knowledge of its impact on environment and the society such that the project outcome is a sustainable solution in the light of defined SDG goals. (Level: A3)