Course Description:
This course has been designed to enhance students’ understanding of the English language so that they may be able to read, write, listen and speak English comfortably. The course aims to improve the English language skills of BS students from an intermediate to advanced level and to help them overcome their fear of public speaking. It also aims to inculcate confidence and groom their personality to communicate in their everyday and professional lives. Special emphasis will also be laid on developing individual and group efforts through virtual and real-life training, presentations, and projects to improve team functioning and team output. Consequently, this course helps students to become good and effective communicators of the English language.

Course Learning Outcomes:
CLO:1 Use English correctly in speaking and writing.
CLO:2 Comprehend and interpret complex English language text.
CLO:3 Present appropriate vocabulary and language in professional life.

Course Contents:

1. Parts of Speech – Two Lectures
• Definition
• Usage
• Common Errors

2. Punctuation – Two Lectures
• Rules and Practice on the use of all punctuation marks
• Exercises

3. Phrases and Clauses – Two Lectures
• Details
• Types

4. Sentences – Two Lectures
• Sentence Structure
• Kinds of Sentences

5. Active & Passive Voice – Three Lectures
• General rules of changing Voice of sentences
• Changing Voice of different tenses
• Importance of Voice

6. Direct & Indirect Narration – Two Lectures
• General rules of narration
• Exercises for Changing the narration of the sentences

7. Vocabulary Development/ Contextual Clues – Two Lectures
• How to develop a vocabulary of unknown words within a text
• Rules and Practice on the contextual clues

8. Tenses in English Grammar – Two Lectures
• Types of Tenses
• Rules/Usage
• Activities

9. Paragraph Writing – Two Lectures
• What is a paragraph?
• Types of Paragraphs
• Activities

10. Application Writing – Two Lectures
• Various formats, used for application writing in a formal setting
• Practice/Exercise

11. Listening and Speaking Skills – Two Lectures
• Audio material will be used to improve the listening skills
• Students to hold discussions in the English language

12. Reading & Comprehension – Two Lectures
• Skimming and Scanning
• To comprehend complex text
• Passages shall be used for comprehension exercises

13. Pronunciation Skill – Three Lectures
• Phonemes
• Articulation
• Transcription
• Learning ways how to pronounce different English words
• Developing effective dictionary skills

14. Presentation Skills – Two Lectures

15. Revision – Two Lectures