Dr. Khawar Naveed Abbasi

Dr. Khawar Naveed Abbasi (PhD University of London, UK)


Engr. Dr. Khawar Naveed did BE in Mechanical Engineering from Mehran University. Did M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering, from Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad, and Ph.D. from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London UK.
Before joining CUST, he had experience of over 30 years of Nuclear Power Plant Operation, Maintenance and Design/Engineering. He worked as Director General of, responsible of contract negotiations, project monitoring, of Nuclear Power Projects.
He has taught various subjects of Mechanical Engineering to undergraduate and post graduate students, in different institutions and CUST. He has supervised Masters thesis, and undergraduate projects. Most of the projects addressed the issues related Nuclear Power Plants under operation in Pakistan. He has four publications. Presently he is working on heat pipes, which has emerged as an effective and established thermal solution, particularly in high-heat flux applications and in situations where there is any combination of nonuniform heat loading,
He has also been involved with industrial collaboration. He has been involved in stress analysis of one of the projects of HIT. Various MoUs have been signed with NEECA, HIT, and other industry.

Ph. D, D.I.C Nuclear Engineering Imperial College of Science & Technology London, UK 1994
M.Sc Nuclear Engineering PIEAS (Quaid-e-Azam University) 1981
B.E. Mechanical Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro 1979
Principal Engineer/ Faculty Member (KINPOE) Karachi Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering, KINPOE, KANUPP, Karachi 1994 – 2004
Principal Engineer/ Faculty Member (KINPOE) Karachi Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering, KANUPP Karachi 1994 – 2004
Director C-2/ Director Engineering/Director General Chashma Nuclear Power Project Unit-2, Unit-3/4, Karachi Nuclear Power Project Unit 2/3 (K-2/K-3) 2016- 2016
Head MS Program Karachi Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering, KANUPP, PAEC 1998 – 2004
Director General Nuclear Power Projects (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) 2016 – 2016
Design Coordinator / Director Engineering Chashma Nuclear Power Project Unit-2, – PAEC Chashma Nuclear Power Project Unit-3/4 – PAEC 2004 – 2015
Senior Engineer (Operation Division) KANUPP (Operation Division) 1986 – 1994
Plant Operator (Operations Engineer) KANUPP (PAEC) 1981 – 1986
Member Society of Mechanical Engineers (SMEP), Pakistan
Member ASME
Professional Engineer Pakistan Engineering Council
1. Best Performance Award, 1986 (Repair/ Modification of Turbine Generator) Best Faculty Member, 1996

1. Thermo-fluids applied to power generation and accident analysis.

Research Projects
1. Design and Engineering of Blow-off Control Loop
2. Study of remote controlled boiler room leak search
3. Design Study of Cavity Flooding System,
4. Study of failure events after one minute of reactor trip
5. Development of Equipment Obsolescence Program at KANUPP
6. Development of Safety Performance Indicators of KANUPP
1. MS Assessment of Population Doses following a notional accident at NPP
2. MS Analysis of Reduction in Availability and Capacity factor of NPP During 1991-1994
3. MS Design of Desalination Plant, using steam from KANUPP
4. MS Unplanned Automatic Scram Analysis at KANUPP
5. MS Development of Models for Expert System in Defense in Depth
6. MS Study and Analysis of Engineered Safety Features of C-2
7. MS Normal and Inadvertent operation of Cavity Flooding System.
1. Yasmin Nergis, Mughal Sahrif, Abdul Hameed Memon, Dheya Al Othmany, Fareda Zeab, Khawar Naveed, Ahmad Hussain, “Ecosystem Approach and Hydrological Potential Study of Port Qasim Industrial Coastal Zone of Karachi Pakistan”, Civil and Environmental Research ISSN 2224-5790 , No: 2, 2016
2. Sadiq M, Iqbal MS, Naveed K, Sajad M, “Mobile Devices Forensics Investigation: Process Models and Comparison. “, ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, No: 33, Pages: 164-168, 2016
3. Muhammad Sajad, Muhammad Sadiq, Khawar Naveed, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal , “Software Project Management: Tools assessment, Comparison and suggestions for future development”, IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, (Article in Press)No: 1, 2016
1. Zafar Iqbal, Khawar Naveed, “Opportunities and challenges associated with by-product production of hydrogen fuel from nuclear energy”, International Nathiagali Summer College, 2007

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