Dr. Muhammad Bilal (PhD UET, Taxila)

Assistant Professor

Mr. Muhammad Bilal is currently pursuing his PhD in Software Engineering from UET, Taxila. He has completed his MS degree in Computer Engineering from NUST EME College, in 2013, and BE in Computer Engineering from COMSATS, Wah, in 2008, and join University of Wah in 2009 as Lecturer in CS Department. He has an industrial experience of 4 years as an Android Developer in different multinational software houses, 5 years of teaching experience, and 3 years of stiped-based PhD research experience from UET, Taxila. He has published multiple research papers in international journals.

PhD Software Engineering UET, Taxila, Pakistan
MS Computer Engineering NUST EME, Rawalpindi, Pakistan 2013
BE Computer Engineering COMSATS Wah, Pakistan 2008
Assistant Professor Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad Since – 2022
Lecturer Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad 2021 – 2022
PhD Scholar / Lecturer UET, Taxila 2017 – 2020
Lecturer University of Wah 2009 – 2013
Android Developer Xtendum Services, Islamabad 2015 – 2017
Android Developer PAKATS, Wah Cantt 2013 – 2015
  1. Digital Image Processing;
  2. Mobile Application Development;
  3. Forensic Science;
  4. Web Development;
  5. 3D Modelling and Game Development.
1. Bilal, M., Habib, H.A., Mehmood, Z., Saba, T. and Rashid, M., 2019. Single and Multiple Copy–Move Forgery Detection and Localization in Digital Images Based on the Sparsely Encoded Distinctive Features and DBSCAN Clustering. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, pp.1-18. (IF = 1.518).
2. Bilal, M., Habib, H.A., Mehmood, Z., Yousaf, R.M., Saba, T. and Rashid, M., 2019. A robust technique for copy move forgery detection from small and extremely smooth tampered regions based on the DHE-SURF features and mDBSCAN clustering. Australian Journal of Forensic Science, (IF = 1.522).
3. Yousaf, R.M., Habib, H.A., Mehmood, Z., and Bilal, M. 2020. Image dehazing based on dark channel spatial stimuli gradient model and image morphology. Journal Ambient Intelligent and Humanized Computing, (IF = 4.594).
4. Nawaz, M., Mehmood, Z., Bilal, M., et al. 2020. Single and multiple regions duplication detections in digital images with applications in image forensic. Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, (IF = 1.851).

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