Ms. Maryam Zahid (MS FAST, Islamabad)

MS Software Engineering National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences, FAST-Islamabad. 2018
BS Computer Science Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. 2016
Lecturer Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad Since – 2019
Lab Engineer Pharma tech., Amman, Jordan 2008
1. Author’s Certificate by IEEE International Conference on Computer and Emerging Technologies (ICET) (2017)
2. Certificate of Participation for Chess – NASCON’15 (F.A.S.T, ISB) and C.U.S.T. Sports Gala (2015)
3. Certificate of Participation for Ideathon – NASCON’15 (F.A.S.T, ISB) (2015)
4. Dean’s Honor Roll (M.A.J.U, (ISB)) (2012 and 2013)
5. Merit for Achievement – Academic Achievement at New English School, Amman, Jordan (2011)
6. 3rd Position in World Math Day Competition at International Community School, Amman, Jordan (2009)
7. Best Nominated Student at International Community School, Amman, Jordan (2008)
1. Maryam Zahid, Irum Inayat, Maya Daneva, and Zahid Mehmood. “A security risk mitigation framework for cyber physical systems.” Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (2019): e2219.
2. Maryam Zahid, Irum Inayat, Zahid Mehmood. – “Risk Mitigation Framework for Security Risks in Cyber Physical Systems”. Journal of Software Evolution and Processes (2019) (Under Review)
3. Maryam Zahid, Irum Inayat, Zahid Mehmood. – “Model Based Test Case Prioritization – A Systematic Literature Review”. (2019) Software Quality Journal (In Progress)
1. Muhammad Hammad, Irum Inayat, Maryam Zahid, “Risk Management in Agile Software Development: An Industrial Survey”, 17th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, December 2019 [Under Review].
2. Zahid, Maryam, Zahid Mehmood, and Irum Inayat. “Evolution in software architecture recovery techniques—A survey.” Emerging Technologies (ICET), 2017 13th International Conference on. IEEE, 2017
3. Maryam Zahid, Irum Inayat and Faiza Allah Bukhsh. ―Towards Mitigating Security Risks in Cyber Physical System. 2018 Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD)
4. Maryam Zahid, Irum Inayat, Atif Mashkoor, and Zahid Mehmood. “Security Risk Mitigation of Cyber Physical Systems: A Case Study of a Flight Simulator.” In Database and Expert Systems Applications: DEXA 2019 International Workshops BIOKDD, IWCFS, MLKgraphs and TIR, Linz, Austria, August 26–29, 2019, Proceedings, p. 129. Springer, 2019.

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