Ms. Namra Mubarak (PhD Scholar USM, Malaysia)


In my work career, I served as administrator, Coordinator, Lecturer at different organizations as mentioned in the CV; I have been responsible for lifting the reputation of the organization by putting in my full efforts as required. I administered and faced every challenge that came across. As a lecturer, I love teaching. I made learning interesting and fun. I taught students to love and inquire about business cases. Beside this in the companies I managed difficult and emotional employee situations; Responding promptly to customer needs including requests for service and assistance & Meet commitments. I consistently met the deadlines, which turned out to be fruitful for the organization.

PhD Scholar Project Management University of Sains, Malayisia
MS Project Management Capital University of Science and Technology 2017
BBA Management Sciences Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan 2015
Lecturer Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST), Islamabad Since – 2019
Lecturer BPGCW PAF base Nur Khan 2017 – 2018
Project Coordinator SAP International Private Limited 2016 – 2017
Project Administrator Heaven Growers 2015 – 2016
1. Chancellor honor certificate
2. Dean’s honor certificate
3. Certificate of merit 2014
4. Certificate of merit 2008
5. Most responsible award , IIUI
6. Merit scholarship, CUST
7. Shaheen Foundation merit Scholarship
8. Fellowship, University of Sains Malaysia
9. Certificate of Commendation CUST Conference
10. Certificate of Participation IATMS
  1. Agile;
  2. Project Management;
  3. Project Leadership;
  4. Human Resource Management;
1. MS Impact of Workplace Bullying on Project effeiciency. The role of Burnout and Supportive Leadership
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