Dr. Taiba Zahid (PhD Technical University Dresden, Germany)

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Dr. Taiba Zahid received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from UET and her Masters with specialization in Manufacturing Systems from EME college, NUST. Further, she pursued her PhD with specialization in productions and operations management from TU Dresden, Germany. Her areas of interest include facility design, smart systems, process planning and scheduling and application of advanced optimization techniques on industrial applications. She has extensively worked with fuzzy variables, meta-heuristics and simulation based optimization.

PhD Engineering Technical University of Dresden, Germany 2017
MSc. Manufacturing and Production National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad 2013
BSc. Mechanical Engineering University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila 2011
Assistant Professor Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. Since – 2018
Research Assistant Institute of Space & Technology, Islamabad
Supervisor Technical University of Dresden, Germany
1. Research grant by Graduate Academy (GA) of Technical University of Dresden for research stays and conferences (2015, 2016)
2. Research grant by Graduate Academy (GA) of Technical University of Dresden for research stays and conferences (2015, 2016)
3. Research grant by Erasmus (MULTIC) grant for a case study in MISIS Moscow, Russia
4. Participation in Shell Eco Marathon Malaysia 2011
5. Received HEC-DAAD scholarship for Doctoral studies at TU Dresden since Fall 2013

1. Machine Design;
2. Operations Management;
3. Energy Resources;
4. Logistics & Planning;
5. Modelling & Simulation;
6. Facility Planning;
7.Concurrent Engineering;
8. Project Management;
9. Optimization.

1. MS Analysis of application of decomposition techniques applied in project scheduling problems
1. T. Zahid, A. Baqai, and T. Schmidt, “meta-heuristics approach for the development of alternative process plans in reconfigurable systems,” 2019.
2. T. Zahid, M. H. Agha, and T. Schmidt, “Investigation of surrogate measures of ro¬bustness for project scheduling problems,” Computers & Industrial Engineering, vol. 129, pp. 220-227, 2019.
1. Zahid, T., Völker, M. & Schmidt, T., Simulation for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling via Soft computed Priority heuristics, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering & Operations Management (IEOM), 8-10th March 2016, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia
2. Kühn, M., Zahid, T., Völker, M., Zuo, Z. & Rose, O., Investigation of in-exact optimization options in constrained scheduling, 30th European Conference on Modelling & Simulation (ECMS) 2016, Regensburg, Germany
3. Zahid, T. & Baqai, A., Process Plan Optimization of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems using Evolutionary Approach, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference & Exposition (IMECE), Nov 2013, San Diego, California, USA
4. Zahid, T., Kühn, M., Völker, M. & Schmidt, T.,Investigation of Scheduling Techniques for Uncertain Conditions. In: Blecker, T.; Kersten, W.; Ringle, C. M. (Hrsg.): Operational Excellence in Logistics an Supply Chains. Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)-22, Hamburg University of Technology, August 2015 (S. 171 – 202). ISBN: 978-3-7375- 4056-8
5. Zahid, T., Völker, M. & Schmidt, T., A Practical Algorithmic Approach Towards Multi-Modal Resource Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling Problems (MMRCMPSP), ASME International Mechanical Engineering Conference & Exposition , 13 -19 November 2015, Houston, Texas, Vol 11, ISBN: 978-0-7918-5754-0, DOI: 10.1115/IMECE2015-52178
6. Under Review: Zahid, T., Völker, M., & Schmidt, T., Investigation of Surrogate Measures of Robustness under Robustness Targets, Journal of Optimization Theory & Applications (JOTA)

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