Capital University of Science & Technology

Parallel Computing and Networks


Research in the fields of Parallel Computing and Networks are inherently correlated, as parallel computer requires reliable network communication to maximize the performance of computations. Traditionally wired networks have been considered for connecting the components of parallel computers however recently ad hoc networks consisting of handheld devices have also been tested and analyzed for this purpose.

The focus of Parallel Computing and Networks research group (PCN) at Capital University of Science & Technology includes various involved aspects such as social networks, parallel & distributed computing, IP, wireless, and ad-hoc networks.

Research Area

  • Cloud computing
  • Scheduling and resource management
  • Parallel programming paradigms
  • Performance instrumentation and measurements
  • Energy efficient programming (Green IT)
  • Compiler optimizations and analysis
  • Distributed agent-based systems
  • Mobile/Wireless Distributed Systems
  • QoS/QoE issues in Wireless Networks
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Graph Modeling
  • Self-Organizing Wireless Networks
  • Design and Analysis of Opportunistic Routing Protocols
  • Vehicular Cloud Computing
  • Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Wireless Ad hoc Networks
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