Capital University of Science & Technology

Vision and Pattern Recognition


Vision and Pattern Recognition Group of Capital University of Science & Technology is actively involved in basic and applied research in the fields of Image Processing, Machine/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition/Classification. The scope of research not only includes the algorithm development and analysis but also system development and the optimizations involved. Presently this group has more than 20 members including 6 Masters students, 12 PhD students and 3 post doctoral researchers belonging to different organizations.

Research Area

  • Identification based on multiple biometrics recognition such as fingerprint, face, human iris and human gait recognition
  • ECG analysis and pattern classification based diagnosis
  • Vision based tracking
  • Signature verification
  • Urdu handwritten script recognition and digitization
  • Image registration and vision based navigation
  • Fractional Fourier transforms and their applications in machine vision
  • FPGA based hardware accelerators for real time image processing
  • Video encoding algorithms and their real time implementation and optimization