CAD Competition

CAD Competition

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to assist the creation, modification, analysis and optimization of a design.CAD software is used to increase the productivity and quality of design. CAD is an important industrial tool extensively used in many applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, industrial and architectural design, and many more. To emphasize the importance of CAD, student members of “American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)” organized “CAD Competition-2014” on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 in CAD Lab, E-Block.

The competition was open to all fulltime students enrolled in M. A. Jinnah University. The organizing team consisted of Sannan Saqib,Muhammad Waleed Chaudhry, Wajid Saeed and Muhammad Usman Rafaqat and worked under the supervision of Engr. Saif Ullah, Assistant Professor (ME). Twenty seven students registered for the competition. Engr. Abdul Wahab Butt was the competition judge. Contestants were asked to prepare a 3D drawing of a given model in a given time of one hour and thirty minutes.University has licensed Creo® software and now Autodesk has given“Autodesk Academic Resource Center (ARC)" status to the university with free educational institutions access to its design software and apps including AutoCAD2015®. Competitors were given choice to use any of these software.

Seventeen contestants completed the drawing and were given certificates of participation. Following contestants were declared winners by the judge:

  • Mr. Rasikh Tariq, BS (ME) - 1st Position
  • Mr. Umair Zamir Mughal, BS (ME) - 2nd Position
  • Mr. Saad Ahmad Khan, BS (ME) - 3rd Position
  • Mr. Saqib Amir, BS (ME) - 3rd Position

Dr. M. Sultan Khan, Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering) distributed the shields among the winners. Refreshments were arranged for all the participants and organizers at the end of the competition.

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