Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

To spread awareness among the students towards the risks involved in using energy inefficiently and thus endangering the environment, M. A. Jinnah University, Society for Energy and Environment (MAJU-SEE) has planned a series of events under “Green Campus Challenge”.

The first event of this challenge was a presentation competition on “Energy Conservation at MAJU Campus” which was held on December 3, 2014 in Mechanical Workshop, F-Block. Fourteen students from different departments registered for this competition. Event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Abdul Basit, a student of BS(ME). Organizing team was comprised of Ahmed Nabeel Tahir, Muhammad Ahmed and Usama Nadeem and worked under the supervision of Engr. Saif Ullah, patron MAJU-SEE. Mr. Abdul Baseer Qazi, Assistant Professor (ME) and Mr. Inayat Ullah, Assistant Professor (ME) were the competition judges.

Each contestant was given five minutes for his/ her presentation. The students suggested several solutions and approaches for the conservation of energy at campus, from switching off the extra lights to the power generation through renewable resources. They proposed producing electricity from solar and wind energy at campus, in order to move towards a greener campus. Organizers distributed some candies among the audience. At the end both judges compiled the results and Mr. Abdul Baseer Qazi announced winners as follows:

  • Mr. Abdullah Bin Osaf, BS(ME) - 1st Position
  • Mr. Salman Ali Akbar, BS(ME) - 2nd Position
  • Ms. Hadiqa Nadeem, BS(BI) - 3rd Position

Mr. Qazi appreciated the students’ effort and also pointed out that some presenters deviated from the original topic which was energy conservation at campus and not energy conservation in general. He also gave few recommendations for conservation of energy at campus, like, paper free campus, fuel saving in university transport and shifting of blinds outside of windows to reduce cooling loads.

Refreshments were arranged for the contestants, organizers and event judges at the end. Later on Dr. M. Sultan Khan, Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering), distributed shields among the winners of the competition and certificates of participation were given to all the contestants.

Society for Energy and Environment is planning to hold more such events on energy and environment conservation in future to compile the proposals and solutions for submitting to the university administration for proper implementation.

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