Visit of HVAC Plant of UBL Head office Building, Islamabad

Visit of HVAC Plant of UBL Head office Building, Islamabad

M. A. Jinnah University “American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers” (ASHRAE) Student Branch arranged an industrial visit of HVAC Plant of UBL Head office Building, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad on Friday, February 27, 2015 from 9am to 12pm for BS(ME) final year students.

Mr. Ather N. Siddiqui, Students Activities Chair ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter received the students and guided them through different sections of HVAC Plant of UBL Tower. The visit started with a briefing about the HVAC Plant’s installation and commissioning and main parts of the plant. Starting from the basic refrigeration cycle he explained the plant layout with the help of charts specially prepared for the students’ visit. Then he told about the operation and maintenance of the plant. The team of engineering department and staff of HVAC Plant assisted him during the whole visit.

Students visited different sections in groups and Mr. Siddiqui and plant staff explained the capacity, operation and maintenance procedures for chillers, boiler, pumps, fans and cooling tower, etc. The overall cooling capacity of the plant was 480 tons with direct fired absorption chillers working on natural gas. Mr. Siddiqui also explained the industrial colour coding for different piping works.

After the pant visit Mr. Siddiqui and plant staff answered the students’ questions. Juices were served to the students and visit ended with a group photo. University souvenir was presented to the Head of Engineering Department, UBL Tower. The students thanked Mr. Siddiqui and UBL management for facilitating the visit.

The visit was supervised by Mr. Saif Ullah (Assistant Professor) and Engr. Abdul Samad of Mechanical Engineering Department. The following students worked as organizers for this industrial visit:

  • 1. Mr. Umair Zameer Mughal, ME113007, Cell: 0315-5111756, Head of Organizing Team
  • 2. Mr. Ahmed Nabeel Tahir, ME133015, Cell: 0304-8978857, Organizer
  • 3. Mr. Muhammad Ahmed, ME133016, Cell: 0313-5068031, Organizer
  • 4. Mr. Usama Nadeem, ME133035, Cell: 0313-5068031, Organizer
  • 5. Mr. Zeeshan Nawaz, ME113001, Cell: 0300-5554327, Organizer
  • 6. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Farooq, ME113037, Cell: 0313-6419539, Organizer
  • 7. Mr. Rana Bilal Khalid, ME113015, Cell: 03455231870, Organizer

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