CUST becomes the First Pakistani University to Win ESWC Competition

CUST becomes the First Pakistani University to Win ESWC Competition

Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) is top rated A-category conference as per the international CORE ranking. This is a meeting point of leading researchers working in the domain of Semantic Web. This year the conference held on 29th May to 2nd June 2016 at Greece. ESWC challenges the World to propose, develop and evaluate innovative algorithms for applied nature Computer Science problems. One such competition is known as: ”Semantic Publishing”. This year, a research scholar, Mr. Riaz Ahmad, from Capital University of Science and Technology participated in this challenge.

The challenge was related to extraction of useful information from PDF of scientific documents. For example, from research papers, one had to automatically identify that whether the presented research was sponsored by a project, if yes then what’s the name of the project and funding agency and is it a European project etc or not. The extraction of such information from raw text of PDF is really a challenge and requires extensive intelligent Natural Language Processing. This is just an example of one query. The competition listed 8 such queries as a challenge. They provided a training dataset around 3 months ago. Based on it, one had to devise an algorithm which should work for unseen data, uploaded later by the competition, for a short period of time.

By deep analysis of the training dataset, many teams developed their algorithms and sent their proposals and research papers. Based on the originality, contributions, and idea, five such tools were selected for final competition. For competition, they provided evaluation dataset and a limited time to generate results in the desired format. The results and the tool was submitted. Subsequently, all tools were evaluated by the reviewers. From those five top tools, the tool developed by Mr. Riaz Ahmad has outperformed other tools with a reasonable margin. The results of precision, recall, and f-measure of all tools including Riaz's have been announced by the competition organizers at the following link: The F-score achieved by Mr. Riaz tool remained 0.771 while the second position holder could make it to 0.632. The effort of the student was appreciated by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed, Dean Faculty of Computing, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir, and head of the department, Dr. Nayyer Masood.

Mr. Riaz Ahmad is pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal in the department of Computer Science at Capital University of Science and Technology. He is member of the research group known as: Centre for Distributed and Semantic Computing (CDSC) which is jointly supervised by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir and Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal. This is an active research group working in the areas of Semantic Web, Social Web, Information Retrieval, Ontology Engineering, Algorithms, and Scientometrics. Two scholars from this group have successfully defended their PhD theses and three have met all PhD requirement and have submitted their theses. It has supervised more than 40 MS research theses and have published over 100 research papers in international reputed journals, conferences and books. The group is actively involved in industrial projects and have completed the projects successfully of worth over 40 million.

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