The following Plagiarism Standing Committee is constituted to conduct the investigation of plagiarism claim as per HEC Plagiarism Policy:-

Dr. M. Abdul QadirProfessor/Dean FoC, CUSTConvener
Dr. Arshad HassanAssociate Professor/Dean FMSS, CUSTMember
Dr. Amir QayyumProfessor/Dean QEC, CUSTMember
Dr. Rohama GillAssistant Professor/Director QEC, Fatima Jinnah Women University, RawalpindiHEC Nominee
Mr. Khalid MahmoodAssistant Professor/Director Graduate Studies, CUSTMember/ Secretary

As per clause-10 of HEC Plagiarism policy, the “Plagiarism Standing Committee” will submit its report with clear cut findings and recommendations to the Vice Chancellor within a specified period not exceeding sixty days. The Vice Chancellor will have the discretion to implement the recommendations after approval through the statutory process and take punitive action against the offender as per penalties prescribed under HEC plagiarism policy or to forward the report to HEC for further action if outside his purview / jurisdiction.