• To study the applications of AI and agent based approach to AI.
• To study first-order predicate calculus, logical reasoning and problem solving using Prolog language.
• To study and discuss various techniques and algorithms of AI used in general problem solving, optimization problems, constraint satisfaction problems, and game programming.
• To familiarize students with various sub-areas of AI, such as expert systems, natural language processing and machine learning.


CLO: 1. Explain artificial intelligence, its characteristics and its application areas.
CLO: 2. Formulate a problem as state space search problem, and apply appropriate search algorithms to solve them.
CLO: 3. Apply AI algorithms and techniques to select optimal moves in two-player games.
CLO: 4. Choose and apply appropriate machine learning algorithms for classification problems.


• Defining AI; Turing’s test; Weak vs. Strong AI.
• Applications of AI; Agent based approach
• State space search: DFS, BFS, IDS algorithms
• Informed search: Greedy, UC and A* search
• Optimization problems & Local search algorithms
• Genetic algorithms
• Game playing (adversarial search)
• First-order logic, Prolog, Expert systems
• Machine learning techniques