PhD Programs in CUST

At the time of its genesis, the founders of the university had a dynamic institution in mind that would act as a catalyst of change to mold our society in the cast of a knowledge based economy by proactively contributing towards the troika of industry, academia and the government. These multi-dimensional objectives can be achieved by flourishing a culture of research and innovation in the university. Such an environment can only be sustained through a very strong and mature PhD program.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, CUST is one of the very few universities in the country having a mature PhD program characterized by well-established calendar of advanced postgraduate courses and crystal clear academic processes. This has become possible by the retention of seasoned faculty in its PhD programs who not only excel in research but also are actively linked with the national industry.

Above everything our research culture is extremely student friendly. We do not put the burden of quality research solely on the student. Rather, the student gets help and nurturing in the form of extremely motivated supervisors, well established research groups which have matured over decades and a preserved database of the research conducted at the university in the form of PhD theses and publications.

PhDs Discipline

  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD Civil Engineering
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Management Sciences
  • PhD Bio-science

No. of PhDs Produced

  • CUST/MAJU PhD students graduated till 14th Convocation dated 06-12-2018.
Sr.No. Programs PhDs
1 PhD – MGMT 59
2 PhD – CS 20
3 PhD – EE 44
4 PhD – BI 3
5 PhD – MATHS 9
Total 135