The BS program offered by the department focuses on producing high quality computer scientists with a broad vision and strong ethical values. In order to produce graduates with well balanced personalities, general awareness of social issues and basic reasoning capabilities are inculcated students, through a number a general courses in the area of humanities, social sciences, religion, ethics, language and communication skill, along with the core and elective courses of the discipline. The overall program provides a highly conducive environment and an excitement driven approach that encourages creativity to accomplish results.The curriculum for BS CS program contains 7 elective courses (21 SCH). The students, who want to specialize in one of the above areas, are required to take at least five courses (called specialization electives). If a student does not take five or more courses from a specialization stream, then he/she will be awarded BS CS without any specialization.


  • Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent with at least 50% marks in aggregate
  • CUST Admission Test or HEC Approved Test.


AREACr. Hrs.
Computer Science Core Courses57
Elective Courses24
Supporting Courses21
General Education25
Design Project06
Community Service0


Semester - 1

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS1133Introduction to Programming303
HM1002Pakistan Studies302
MTC1013Calculus I303
PH1013Applied Physics303
HM1013English – I (Functional English)303
CS1131Introduction to Programming Lab031

Semester - 2

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
HMC1012Islamic Studies/Ethics202
MT1033Linear Algebra303
MT1023Calculus – II303
HM1023English – II (Communication Skills)303
CS1141Object Oriented Programming Lab031
CS1143Object Oriented Programming303
HMCS1xx3Humanities – I303

Semester - 3

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS2513Digital Logic Design303
CS2143Data Structures333
CS2313Introduction to Database Systems303
HM2xx3Humanities-II(Major World Religion)303
HM2033Technical Report Writing303
CS2141Data Structures Lab031
CSBI2311Introduction to Database Systems Lab031

Semester - 4

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS2523Computer Organization and Assembly Language303
CS2223Software Engineering – I303
CS2153Advanced Computer Programming333
MT2053Discrete Mathematics303
CS2151Advanced Computer Programming Lab031
MTC2043Applied Differential Equation303

Semester - 5

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS3163Design and Analysis of Algorithms303
CS3413Operating Systems303
CS3513Computer Architecture303
CS3773Computer Communications and Networks303
MT3063Probability & Statistics303
CS3411Operating Systems Lab031

Semester - 6

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS3613Theory of Automata & Formal Languages303
CS3213Object Oriented Analysis and Design303
CS3273Human Computer Interaction303
CS4293Elective-1 (Component Based Development)303
CS3323Elective-2 (Advanced Database Systems)304
CS4223Elective-3 (Software Systems Requirements)303

Semester - 7

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS4623Compiler Construction303
CS4912Design Project (Part – I)092
MGTxxx3Management Elective – I303
CS4813Artificial Intelligence303
CS3253Elective-4 (Data Security and Cryptography)303
CS4763Elective-5 (Wireless Networks & Mobile Systems Architecture)303

Semester - 8

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsSCH
CS4924Design Project (Part – II)094
MGTxxx3Management Elective – II303
CS3183Elective-7 (Web Security and Forensics)303
CS4xx3Elective 6303
CS4xx3Elective 8303