Dr. Muhammad Mahabat Khan, HoD Mechanical Engineering’s Message


At Mechanical Engineering department, an excellent educational experience is designed to sharpen the students’ talents and skills through a cutting edge course work. Department allows its students to build knowledge across the breadth of the discipline while concentrating in depth, on a particular area of specialization. The infrastructure of the department is pivotal to its vision of multi-disciplinary education and research. It comprises state of the art and well equipped teaching and research laboratories, workshops, lecture halls and faculty offices.

The department offers a 4-year BS degree in Mechanical Engineering along with MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a MS degree in Engineering Management with different specializations in all graduate programs. As Mechanical Engineering is closely intertwined with the industry and business, these programs are aimed to provide opportunities to create industrial linkages and act as a bridge for flow of the cross-disciplinary knowledge among all departments.

The phenomenal growth observed in automobile and aerospace industry, in recent past, is primarily based on the advancement of Mechanical Engineering knowledge. A degree in Mechanical Engineering gives knowledge and skills to be involved in the design, development and manufacturing of products, machines and mechanical engineering systems, including engines and turbines, land transport vehicles, ships, aircrafts, building services (air conditioning, pumps, fans), refrigeration systems, manufacturing processes and industrial plants.