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Welcome to
office of External Linkages and International Collaborations –ELIC (Previously known as Directorate of Corporate
Linkages). ELIC is established with a vision to be a vibrant platform to link together students, alumni,
academia and industry to interact, share and collaborate. The objective of ELIC is to introduce and present the
academic products of the university to external stakeholders, in addition to seek financial and technical
support from the potential partners at national and international levels. Other objectives of this office

  • To collaborate and establish links with public, private and non-governmental organizations for achieving the
    goals of education, research and development in various faculties of the university.
  • To keep the faculty and graduate students linked with the organizations relevant to their
    domain and areas of research.
  • To explore new avenues for funding in research and development, both for the faculty members
    and Ph.D. students.
  • To establish active links with organizations and involve them in research and development
  • To link up with public policy stakeholders for seeking directions and providing policy input
    to them.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences in collaboration with public and
    private organizations.
  • To pursue university ranking/accreditation with international bodies.

A vibrant platform for academia, alumni and corporate world to share and learn


To Initiate and manage initiatives and programs to facilitate faculty, alumni and industry interactions.

The office of External Linkages and International Collaborations actively pursues the following key tasks:

  • Liaison with Industry: Networking

The office is responsible to maintain liaison with the Corporate Sector, the Chambers of Commerce, and other Regulators. Such an initiative is hoped to assist in retaining a link with prospective employers. The industry representatives are also invited to visit the University in search of human capital. Under this endeavor, MOU’s have been signed with the organizations, Chambers of Commerce as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

  • Employment and Self-employment Readiness: Professional Skills

The office prepares the graduates of CUST for employment in the market, or for self-employment. An attempt is made to give the students a touch of the working environment through the RSVP program, when the volunteers are selected and are attached to various offices of the University where they could gain some work experience. Certificates of merit are also issued to those who perform well. Moreover, the students close to graduation are assisted with preparing proper CV before the corporate sector is invited to the campus. In those visits of corporate sector to the university, proper binded books containing the CV’s of graduating students are prepared and distributed to prospective employers. Furthermore, seminars, training workshops and lectures are also held for the benefit of students who are in their final semesters.

  • Alumni Relations: A Vital Connection for University Growth

Liaison with alumni is another essential element of office. The Association of CUST/MAJU Alumni (ACMA) is one such effort in this direction. ACMA social media has attracted a large number of alumni and various posts of ACMA have been filled through elections among the alumni. The office also arranges special dinners or gives out invitations for interaction with alumni so that contact between them and the institution remains alive.

  • Advocacy and Image Building: Branding the university

The office also represents the University at Forums, Exhibitions and Conferences. Examples are the participation in Employment Expos of Jang, Dawn, News, etc., where a strong presence of the institution was apparent through well placed and equipped stalls. The office has also developed a good rapport with Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) and HR Forum.

Sr.No. MoU/Date Related Activities Activity Date
1. NIBAF 28 Oct, 2019 The Deputy Director of BSC, State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Umair Iqbal, accompanied by Mr. Qasim Awais, conducted an awareness session for the students of CUST about SME financing and other programs offered by SBP. This session lasted for more than an hour and the students of 3rd & 4th semesters attended this session. 28th Feb, 2020
2. National Incubation Centre (NIC) Pakistan 19 Nov, 2019: With reference to the signed MoU, NIC held two virtual sessions with CUST students:

  • In the first virtual session of NIC, Mr. Zain Khalid Butt enlightened the students about the vision and mission of NIC which is Dream, Build & Raise. He also informed the students what NIC provides to entrepreneurs. The session lasted about an hour and almost 25-30 students attended this session. After the session, students asked some questions regarding the functionality of NIC.
05th May 2020
  • In the second virtual session of NIC, Ms. Asra Masood, Assistant Manager Innovation and Research, enlightened the students about the Vision and Mission of NIC. The objective was to shed light on startup entrepreneurs. She told the students that NIC also provides licensed softwares free of cost, mentoring and coaching and foreign exposure through various competitions, curriculum design etc. She further informed the students about the procedure to apply in order to participate in their 8th Cohort (Group of startups placed in NIC). This session lasted for almost an hour and about 30-35 students attended this session.
12th May 2020
  • A four member team from NIC visited CUST to discuss the course integration for entrepreneurship. OCL committee members were also present in the meeting. Dr. Arif Vaseer from CUST and Mr. Fasieh Mehta and Ms. Asra Masood from NIC addressed the meeting. It was followed by a discussion on the possible outcomes of the collaboration.
26th Aug, 2020
3. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) 26th Nov, 2019
  • RCCI hosted an online panel discussion “Aspire”. Leaders of renowned companies like Mr. Wahaj Siraj (CEO Nayatel), Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan (CEO Telenor), Mr. Waleed Khan (CEO ROOTS International School System), Mr. Gonzalez Valero (World Bank) and many others participated in this discussion. The main theme of the discussion was to prepare the industry and academia and encourage them towards permanent digitization. The panelists emphasized on the need to embrace the digitization and the need to follow the global trend to keep up with the fast paced changes in the way global business operates. On the invitation of RCCI, 70 students and 20 faculty members from the all over the university attended this panel talk. This session lasted for almost an hour.
27th May, 2020
  • Pink Ribbon and Coffee Morning (Breast Cancer Awareness Session) was organized by President Ms. Mariyah Razzaq WBIC (Women Business Incubation Centre, RCCI). A total of about 6 faculty members including Ms. Zahra Afaq and 20 female students were nominated for participation at the awareness session from all the faculties of the university. After the welcoming address, the guest speaker, an oncologist Dr. Uzma Qasim, enlightened her audience with the basic knowledge regarding Breast Cancer, its early detection and self-diagnosis techniques which is followed by a very brave and motivational cancer survivor Ms. Amna Salman who shared her experience of surviving the cancer.
11th Feb, 2020
  • A two days tech expo is held at Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi, which is hosted by RCCI. Various other firms and universities were also participated such as NUST, IST, Hamdard University and many more. Governor of Punjab Mr. Ch.M. Sarwar was the chief guest of this event. The students from the department of Computer Sciences, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering participated and exhibited their projects under the esteemed guidance and supervision HoD Computer Sciences, Dr. Nayyar Masood, HoD Civil Engineering, Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan and HoD Electrical Engineering, Dr. Noor Muhammad Khan. CUST exhibited seven projects which were appreciated in the expo. Different project presenters of CUST were also asked for their contacts for future correspondences. At the end of the two day exhibit, all the participants were given participation certificates.
3rd & 4th Feb, 2020
4. The National Testing Service (NTS), Pakistan, Islamabad 10th Dec, 2019 With reference to the signed MoU with NTS, following activity was organized in the campus:

  • NTS test was conducted in the CUST premises. This test was arranged by the NTS staff along with university staff.
23rd Aug, 2020
5. Inspire Pakistan, Islamabad (INSPK) 20th Nov, 2019 With reference to the signed MoU with INSPK, following session was organized in the campus:

  • Mr. Qaiser Munir, CEO and co-founder of Inspire Pakistan, enlightened the students with the concept of basic human rights approved by the United Nations and their implications in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mr. Munir showed some slides to the students showing Human Rights logo, theme and history of this day. The session lasted for nearly one hour and 40-45 students attended this session.
10th Dec, 2019
6. The University of Lahore, 8th Jan, 2020 Dr. Sadia Athar on the behalf of The University of Lahore and Dr. Sajid Bashir on the behalf of the CUST signed a MoU. Both universities agreed to collaborate in research, other academic and co-curricular activities. The team of UoL also visited CUST and appreciated the systems and infrastructure of the campus. Guest lectures and seminars postponed due to COVID 19 pandemic
7. Digital Marketing Training Firm(DMTL), 16th July, 2020 With the efforts of Dr. Arif Vaseer, Director, OCL and, HoD, Management Science, Dr. Mueen Aezaz Zafar, a Digital Marketing Training Firm (DMTL Pvt Ltd), organized a virtual session in the campus for the final year students of BBA and MBA via ZOOM Cloud Meetings:

  • Mr. Husbi Ahmed, a master trainer on Digital Marketing Applications was invited to enlighten the students about the concept of Digital Marketing and the need for it. The session went on for 1 and a half hour and 35-40 students attended the session.
16th Jun, 2020
8. M/s City Engineering Consultants, Islamabad 29th Jan,2021 The Industrial Outreach Committee (IOC) of Civil Engineering Department signed a MoU with M/s City Engineering Consultants (CEC). Both the parties agreed to collaborate in the following relevant areas:

  • Cooperation in joint academics and scientific activities,
  • Industrial internships,
  • Collaborative research projects, and
  • Industrial sponsorship for joint projects.

However, no activity is conducted so far due to pandemic situation.

9. Khubeeb Khan Architects (KKA), Islamabad, 12th March, 2020 The Industrial Outreach Committee (IOC) of Civil Engineering Department signed a MoU with Khubeeb Khan Architects (KKA). Both the parties agreed to collaborate in the following relevant areas:

  • Cooperation in joint academics and scientific activities,
  • Industrial internships,
  • Collaborative research projects, and
  • Industrial sponsorship for joint projects.

However, no activity is conducted so far due to pandemic situation.

10. M/s DESIGNMEN, Islamabad, 18th March, 2020 The Industrial Outreach Committee (IOC) of Civil Engineering Department signed a MoU with DESIGNMEN. Both the parties agreed to collaborate in the following relevant areas:

  • Cooperation in joint academics and scientific activities,
  • Industrial internships,
  • Collaborative research projects, and
  • Industrial sponsorship for joint projects

However, no activity is conducted so far due to pandemic situation.

11. Media Mints(Pvt. Ltd) (Rime TV) 22nd June, 2020 This company “Media Mints (Pvt. Ltd)” was planning to open a new TV channel “Rime TV”. And in that the company not only wanted our technical advice as well as our students as internees to work in their project. But due to some reasons this project of opening a new TV channel stopped. So there is no further activity done.
12. Institute of Rural Management (IRM) 7th Jan,2021 Mr. Aasim Reza, Programme Manager, Samia Imran, Head of Services and Mr. Rozam Furqan, Communication Manager from Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and Director OCL, Dr. Arif Vaseer along with Mr. Nasir Rasool, held a virtual session on Zoom Cloud Meetings. In which they discussed about the areas in which they can collaborate mutually. After this session a formal MoU was signed between the two parties.
13. Complete Human Resource Solutions (Pvt Ltd) 2nd Feb, 2021 After signing this MoU no activity is done so far.
Corporate Advisory Council

A vibrant forum to build academia-industry linkages. Members share their special insights, ideas and perspectives and provide guidance and direction to office of corporate linkages to foster beneficial relationships with industry

List of MOUs with Universities/Companies

Sr.No. Organization Name Signed By Signing Date Signed On Behalf of CUST
1. Complete Human Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad Mr. Waqar Haider Awan 2-Feb-21 Dr. Arif Vaseer
2. M/s City Engineering Consultants, Islamabad Engr. Shaukat Anwar 29-Jan-21 Engr. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan
3. Institute of Rural Mangagement (IRM), Islambad Mr. Aasim Reza 7-Jan-21 Dr. Arif Vaseer
4. National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF), Islamabad Mr. Riaz Nazarali Chunara 20-Oct-20 Dr. Arif Vaseer
5. Digital Marketing Training Lab Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad Mr. Husbi Ahmed 16-July-20 Dr. Arif Vaseer
6. Media Mint Pvt. Ltd. (Rime TV), Islamabad Mr. Yasir Qadir 22-June-20 Dr. Arif Vaseer
7. M/s DESIGNMEN, Islamabad Mr. Najib Ahmad Shakir 18-March-20 Engr. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan
8. M/s Khubeeb Khan Architects (KKA), Islamabad Mr. Khubeeb Khan 12-March-20 Engr. Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan
9. The University of Lahore, Islamabad Campus Dr. Sadia Athar 8-Jan-20 Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir
10. Inspire Paksitan (INSPK), Islamabad Mr. Qaiser
M. Siddiqui
20-Dec-19 Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir
11. The National Testing Service (NTS), Islamabad Mr .M. Siddique 10-Dec-19 Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir
12. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), Rawalpindi Mr. Saboor Malik 26-Nov-19 Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir
13. National Incubation Centre (NIC), Islamabad Mr. Parvaz Abbasi 19-Nov-19 Prof. Dr. Sajid Bashir
14. National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF), Islamabad Mr. Riaz Nazarali Chunara 28-Oct-19 Dr. Ansir Ali Rajput
15. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Mr. Zhongqin Lin 23-July-19 Prof. Dr.Shaukat Iqbal Malik
16. Ideagist Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad Mr. Hassan Syed 16-July-19 Prof. Dr.Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
17. Project Management Institute, Islamabad Pakistan Chapter (PMI IPC) Mr. Tashfeen Riaz 16-July-19 Dr. Arshad Hassan
18. Govt. Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital (THQ), Kahuta 5-March-19 Dr. Syeda Marriam Bakhtiar
19. Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi 21-Feb-19 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed
20. Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Rawalpindi Mr. Sadaqat Ali Baig 9-Jan-19 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed
21. Universidade de Evora, Portugal Prof. Soumodip Sarkar 4-Jan-19 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed
22. Muslim Aid USA. Islamabad 8-Nov-18 Prof. Dr. Shaukat Iqbal Malik
23. H-Cube BMG Pvt. Ltd., Islamabad 26-Sep-18 Prof. Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
24. Pak-Turk Researcher’s Mobility Program, (Organization) 6-Sep-18 Dr. Mujtaba Hasan Agha
25. Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), Taxila Cantt Mr. Tahir Islam 15-Jun-18 Prof. Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
26. Dublin City University, Ireland 2-Feb-18 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed
27. The University of Massachusetts, USA 15-Jan-18 Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed Taj
28. ICT R&D Fund, Islambad 22-Nov-17 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed
29. NESCOM, Islambad DG, HRD 21-Sep-17 Prof. Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
30. The University of Brescia, Italy 2-March-17 Dr. Mujtaba Hasan Agha
31. Career Pakistan, Islamabad Ms. Sara 26-Dec-16 Dr. Ansir Ali Rajput
32. Graz University of Technology, Austria 21-Dec-16 Dr.M. Tanvir Afzal
33. University of Science and Technology, Bannu 10-Nov-16 Prof. Dr. M. Mansoor Ahmed