Department of ADP

About The Department

The Department of Associate Degree Programs offers the 2-year Associate Degree in Business Administration, Accounting & Finance, Commerce and Computing. All of the above programs are accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. These programs are equal to 14 years of education and are open to post intermediate entrants. These programs are intended to be conducted in four semesters over a period of two years. The Associate Degree Programs offered at CUST are designed in close consultation with industry and field experts with the aim to develop a work force capable of fulfilling the gap between industry needs and skilled manpower. The curriculum ensures that the graduates possess communication, interpersonal and occupational skills suitable for the needs of the industry. It includes 66 to 68 credit hours of studies further enhanced by hands on practical training through an industrial internship, Practical Learning Lab, and a community service, all of which are an essential for completion of degree requirements. The Associate Degree Programs offer some unique advantages as compared to other undergraduate degrees. On completion of an Associate Degree students can join practical life at the earliest possible stage as they are now part of a young work force fully equipped with industry-oriented skills. Additionally, these programs offer an affordable path towards an early profession for the financially incapacitated. Further, as the Associate Degree is approximately equal to the first two years of the corresponding 4-year Bachelor Degree, hence, students who have completed the Associate Degree can seek direct enrollment in the fifth semester of the relevant 4-year Bachelor Degree program and complete their Bachelors within the four year deadline.

Career Prospects

  • ADP Computer Science
    • Web Developer
    • Database Administrator
    • Computer Network Support Specialist
  • ADP Business Administration
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Customer Support Associate
    • Store Manager
  • ADP Accounting and Finance
    • Auditor
    • Finance Manager
    • Budget Analyst
  • ADP Commerce
    • Investment Consultant
    • Assistant HR Manager
    • Forex Broker