MS Biosciences

About The Program

The MS program in Biosciences emphasizes the practical applications of Biosciences principles to the needs of the society. The program is designed to nurture students for careers in industry, government and academia. The structure and sequence of the program is designed to ensure that every graduate has the knowledge, ability and understanding required to meet the basic guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan and industries of repute.

Program Mission Statement

To impart advanced knowledge, research skills and analytical abilities through academic excellence enabling students for providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenging problems in Biosciences.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 16 years of education leading to BS Bioinformatics/ M.Sc. Biological Sciences or equivalent.
  • Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks
  • Admission Test / HEC Approved Test

Degree Requirements

A student admitted in this program will have to complete the degree requirements by following any one of the options given below:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
24 Cr. Hrs. Course Work and 06 Cr. Hrs. Thesis 30
Course work only (10 Courses) 30

Program Duration

This is normally a two years program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and a Spring semester in each year. The maximum duration to complete MS in Biosciences is 4 years.

CGPA Requirements

A student is required to earn a minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his degree requirements.

Core Courses

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Molecular Genetics BI5113 3
Advanced Bioinformatics BI5753 3
Applied Biotechnology BI5733 3
Advanced Microbiology and Immunology BI5193 3

Elective Courses

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Endocrinology BI5763 3
Eukaryotic Regulatory Mechanisms BI5723 3
Drug Design and Development BI5213 3
Advanced Environmental Biotechnology BI5833 3
Advanced Protein Chemistry BI5523 3
Bioremediation and Biodegradation BI5843 3
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation BI5143 3
Advanced Systems Biology BI5513 3
Molecular Dynamics Simulation BI5773 3
Medical Genetics BI5423 3
Advanced Cancer Cytogenetics BI5413 3
Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics BI5153 3
Pathways and Networks in Biology BI6113 3
Protein Engineering and Enzyme Technology BI5533 3
Molecular Biophysics BI5663 3
Advanced Cancer Biology BI5683 3
Advanced Medical Entomology BI6123 3
Advanced Clinical Biochemistry BI5223 3
Advanced Microbial Genomics BI6413 3
Advanced Human Genetics BI5483 3
Gene Chip Technology BI6423 3
Advanced Nano-biotechnology BI6713 3
Advanced Forensic Biology BI5163 3
Medicinal Plants BI5623 3
Advanced Epidemiology BI6143 3
Sustainable Ecosystems BI5323 3
Climatology BI5333 3
Biosafety and Biosecurity BI6723 3
Research Methodologies BS6823 3

Research Thesis

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Research Thesis BI6916 6