Research Areas
CUST professors and research students are involved in the following research areas:
Sr.No Management Science
1 Financial Market
2 Organizational Behavior
3 Governance, Social Responsibility and Ethics
4 Consumer Behavior
Sr.No Pharmacy
1 Drug Discovery and Development
2 Drug Formulation and Drug Delivery
3 Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
4 Natural Products Research
Sr.No Biosciences
1 Bio-remediation and Degradation
2 Cancer Cytogenetic
3 Genetic Engineering
4 Phytochemistry
Sr.No Civil Engineering
1 Structural Engineering
2 Water and Environment
3 Construction Management
Sr.No Mechanical Engineering
1 Industrial and Systems Engineering
2 Thermo-fluids
3 Control and Automation
4 Design and Machine
5 Industrial and Manufacturing Research Group
6 Renewable Energy Research Group
7 Mechanics and Materials in Design Research Group
Sr.No Electrical Engineering
1 Power Systems
2 Digital System Design
3 Control Systems
4 Signal and Image Processing
5 Telecommunications and Networks
6 Microelectronics and Microwaves
Sr.No Computer Science and Software Engineering
1 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
2 Information Security and Forensics
3 Parallel Computing and Networks
4 Design and Machine
Sr.No Mathematics
1 Algebra and Cryptography
2 Celestial Mechanics and General Relativity
3 Fluid and Wave Mechanics
4 Functional Analysis