MS Civil Engineering

About The Program

The MS program in Civil Engineering emphasizes the practical applications of four major fields of specialization i.e. Water Resources Engineering & Management, Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering & Management and Environmental Engineering. The program offers engineers the opportunity to advance their skills in these specialized areas. The successful MS graduates may develop their careers in Research and Development, Industry, Academia, Consultancy Organizations etc.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 16 years of education leading to B.Sc./ BS/ BE in Civil Engineering or equivalent. Applicants with undergraduate degree from non-relevant areas may be required to take some undergraduate courses to fulfill pre-requisite deficiencies as determined by the Graduate Admission Committee. The deficiency Cr. Hrs. will not be counted towards the minimum Cr. Hrs. requirement for the award of the MS degree.
  • Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks
  • Admission Test / HEC Approved Test

Degree Requirements

A student admitted in this program will have to complete the degree requirements by following any one of the options given below:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
24 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with 06 Cr. Hrs. Thesis 30
Course work only (10 Courses) 30

Specialization Requirements

A student can claim a specialization if he/she has completed 15 Cr. Hrs. including research work, if opted, from one of the specialization area courses offered by the department. Otherwise, on the completion of 30 Cr. Hrs. he/she will be awarded the MS degree without any specialization.

Program Duration

This is normally a two years program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and a Spring semester in each year. The maximum duration to complete MS in Civil Engineering is 4 years.

CGPA Requirements

A student is required to earn a minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his degree requirements.

Specialization Areas

1. Water Resources Engineering and Management (WRE&M)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Open Channel Hydraulics CE5103 3
Advanced Hydrology CE5113 3
River Engineering CE6123 3
Design of Hydraulics Structures CE6133 3
Advanced Hydraulics CE5143 3
Drainage and Irrigation Engineering CE5153 3
Sediment Transport CE5163 3
Stochastic Hydrology CE5173 3
Ground Water Development/Exploration CE5183 3
Hydro Power Development CE6193 3
Flood Risk Assessment CE6203 3
Water Management Computations CE6213 3

2. Structural Engineering (SE)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Dynamics of Structures CE5303 3
Fiber Reinforce Composites CE5313 3
Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Structures CE6323 3
Earthquake Engineering CE6333 3
Structural Design Practice CE5343 3
Matrics Analysis of Structures CE5353 3
Bridge Engineering CE5363 3
Pre-stressed Concrete Theory and Practice CE6373 3
Domes, Shells and Space Structures CE5383 3
Properties of Concrete and its Constituents CE5393 3
Advanced Steel Structures CE6403 3
Finite Element Methods for Structural Analysis CE5413 3
Structural Fire Engineering CE6423 3
Instability of Structures CE6433 3
Seismic Design of Structures CE6443 3
Performance based Seismic Design CE6453 3
Design of Tall Structures CE6463 3

3. Construction Engineering and Management (CE&M)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Construction Management CE5803 3
Project Planning and Control CE5813 3
Advanced Project Management for Construction Projects CE5823 3
Construction and Safety Management CE5833 3
Advanced Civil Engineering Practices CE5843 3
Construction Economics and Financial Management CE6853 3
Construction Contracts for Civil Engineers CE6863 3
Sustainability in Construction Projects CE6873 3
Engineering Management Techniques CE6883 3
Project Risk Assessments and Decision Analysis CE6893 3

4. Environmental Engineering

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Solid Waste Management CE5703 3
Environmental Hydrology CE6713 3
Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) CE6723 3
Water Supply and Waste Water Engineering CE6733 3
Water Quality Management CE6743 3

Elective Courses

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering CE5003 3
Application of Modern Tools in Civil Engineering CE5013 3
Data Analysis and Quality Control CE5023 3
Dam Engineering CE5033 3
Advanced Geo-informatics CE5043 3
Research Methods in Civil Engineering CE6053 3
Disaster Risk Assesment and Evaluation CE6063 3
Advanced Geotechical Engineering CE6503 3
Deep Foundations CE6513 3
Foundation Engineering CE6523 3
Rock Mechanics CE6533 3
Infrastructure Design and Development CE6603 3
Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation CE6613 3
Traffic Engineering CE6623 3
Principles of Pavement CE6633 3
Highway Planning and Design CE6643 3

Research Thesis

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Research Thesis CE6916 6