About The Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is specially designed to meet industry requirements in a changing global corporate environment and provides the right tools that allow students to achieve their career objectives. Being highly-regarded, the program opens up a world of opportunities for students who wish to develop a career locally or internationally. With more emphasis on project-based work, the unique features of this BBA program help the students to come up with meaningful solutions. This gives them essential exposure to launch and operate a business in Pakistan. Additionally, a large number of professional and technical seminars are conducted where senior managers from the industry are invited to share their experiences with the students. Through the BBA program, we help our students to have sufficient understanding of the business world which helps them to navigate challenges and opportunities in their careers in leading organizations.

Admission Requirements

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate or Equivalent securing at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • CUST Admission Test/HEC Approved Test

Degree Requirements

Area Cr. Hrs.
a) General Education 30
b) Major Courses 72
c) Allied Courses 12
d) Elective Courses 12
e) Business Project 06
f) Internship 03
Total 135

General Education (30 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Functional English BBAG1113 3
Introduction to Psychology BBAG1422 2
Computing and Analytics BBAG1553 3
Mathematics BBAG1353 3
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan BBAG1022 2
Language –I BBAG12x2 2
Expository Writing BBAG1123 3
Entrepreneurship BBAG2712 2
Analytical Reasoning BBAG1583 3
Islamic Studies/Ethics BBAG1012 2
Applications of Information and Communication Technologies BBAG1612 2
Applications of Information and Communication Technologies Lab BBAG1611 1
Civics and Community Engagement BBAG1812 2

Major Courses (72 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Accounting-I ACCB2003 3
Accounting-II ACCB2013 3
Cost Accounting ACCB3033 3
Principles of Marketing MKTB2003 3
Consumer Behavior MKTB3033 3
Strategic Marketing MKTB4013 3
Introduction to Human Resources Management HRMB2003 3
Organizational Behavior MGTB4073 3
Strategic Human Resources Management HRM3063 3
Business Information System MISB2003 3
Management Information System MISB2013 3
Business Analytics MISB4053 3
Business Finance FINB2003 3
Financial Management FINB3013 3
Financial Market and Institutions FINB3133 3
English III BBAG2133 3
Business Communication BCMB3033 3
Business Research Methods RCHB3003 3
Principle of Management MGTB2003 3
Project Management MGTB3093 3
Operations Management MGTB3043 3
International Business Management MGTB4133 3
Business Policy & Strategy MGTB3113 3
E-Business MISB4033 3

Allied Courses (12 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Principles of Microeconomics ECOB2003 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECOB2013 3
Personal Management & Grooming HMB2213 3
Professional Ethics MGTB3053 3
Statistics & Probability BBAG1523 3
Legal Environment in Business LAWB3003 3

Elective Courses

a)–Finance (12 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Money & Banking BNKB4033 3
Islamic Banking BNKB3043 3
Budgetary Control and Measures FINB4053 3
Auditing ACCB4023 3
Corporate Finance FINB4103 3
Financial Statement Analyses FINB3123 3
Risk Management FINB4173 3
Portfolio Management FINB4063 3
Management Accounting ACCB3053 3

b)–Marketing (12 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Digital Marketing MKTB3113 3
Marketing Analytics MKTB3123 3
Real Estate Marketing MKTB3133 3
Services Marketing MKTB4143 3
Advertisement and Sales Promotion MKTB4153 3
Retail Marketing MKTB4163 3
Customer Experience Management MKTB4173 3

c)–Human Resource Management(12 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Training and Development HRMB3213 3
Management of Employee Relations HRMB3223 3
HR Analytics HRMB3233 3
Leading Groups and Teams HRMB4243 3
Change Management HRMB4253 3
Conflict and Negotiation Management HRMB4263 3

Business Project (6 Cr. Hrs.)

This a mandatory degree award requirement of 6 credit hours for BBA.

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Business Project Part-I BBA4013 3
Business Project Part-II BBA4023 3

Internship (3 Cr. Hrs.)

This a mandatory degree award requirement of 3 credit hours for BBA.

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Internship BB4003 3

Note:If a student does not fulfill the specialization requirements but he/she has taken diversified courses, he/she shall be awarded a General BBA degree.

Community Service (VIS4000)

Each student is required to complete 65 hours community work, usually after 4th semester which would be a prerequisite for the award of degree.

Program Duration

This is a four-year degree program comprising of 8 semesters. There will be a Fall, and a Spring semester each year. The summer semester will be utilized for Business Projects or deficiency courses. The maximum duration to complete the BBA program is 7 years.

CGPA Requirement

A student is required to earn a minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of the degree requirements.

Semester - 1

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
BBAG 1113 Functional English 3
BBAG 1612 Applications of Information & Communication Technologies 3
BBAG 1611 Applications of Information & Communication Technologies Lab 1
BBAG 1422 Introduction to Psychology 3
BBAG 1353 Mathematics 3
BBAG 1012 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
BBAG 12×2 Language-I 2

Semester - 2

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
BBAG 1123 Expository Writing 3
BBAG 1583 Analytical Reasoning 3
BBAG 1022 Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan 2
BBAG 1523 Statistics & Probability 3
BBAG 1553 Computing and Analytics 3
BBAG 1812 Civics and Community Engagement 2

Semester - 3

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
BBAG 2133 English III 3
MKTB 2003 Principles of Marketing 3
MGTB 2003 Principles of Management 3
ACCB 2003 Principles of Accounting I 3
ECOB 2003 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MISB 2003 Business Information System 3

Semester - 4

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
FINB 2003 Business Finance 3
ACCB 2013 Principles of Accounting II 3
BBAG 2712 Entrepreneurship 2
HRMB 2003 Introduction of HR Management 3
ECOB 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics/PMG 3
MISB 2013 Management Information System 3

Semester - 5

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
ACCB 3033 Cost Accounting 3
RCHB 3003 Business Research Methods 3
BCMB 3033 Business Communication 3
FINB 3013 Financial Management 3
MGTB 3043 Operations Management 3
MGTB 3113 Business Policy and Strategy 3

Semester - 6

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
LAWB 3003 Legal Environment in Business 3
FINB 3133 Financial Market and Institutions 3
MKTB 3033 Consumer Behavior 3
MGTB 3093 Project Management 3
HRMB 3063 Strategic HRM 3
MG/FIN 3xx3 Elective-I 3


Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
BB 4003 Internship 3

Semester - 7

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MISB 4053 Business Analytics 3
MKTB 4013 Strategic Marketing 3
MGTB 4073 Organizational Behavior 3
MG/FIN 4xx3 Elective-II 3
BBAG 4013 Business Project Part I 3

Semester - 8

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
MG/FIN 4xx3 Elective-III 3
MG/FIN 4xx3 Elective-IV 3
MGTB 4133 International Business Management 3
MISB 4033 E-Business 3
BBAG 4023 Business Project Part II 3

Sr. # Statement
  PEO-1 The graduates will contribute competently and efficiently as business professionals.
  PEO-2 The graduates will demonstrate cross-discipline knowledge of core business functions.
  PEO-3 The graduates will exhibit preparedness to respect diversity and work ethically.
Sr. # Learning Objective


   PLO-1 Cross functional Knowledge:

An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, economics, management, marketing, and finance fundamentals, to the solution of complex business problems.

  PLO-2 Problem Analysis:

An ability to identify, formulate and analyze complex business problems reaching substantiated conclusions using case studies.

  PLO-3 Management Skills

An ability to demonstrate management skills while leading/managing business projects.

  PLO-4 Business Solution:

An ability to design solutions for complex business problems or processes that meet specifiied needs while maintaining business standards, cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

  PLO-5 Communication

An ability to communicate effectively, verbally as well as in writing, in corporate settings.

  PLO-6 Entrepreneurial Skills:

Ability to exhibit entrepreneurial skills, necessary to implement new business ideas in an innovative way.

  PLO-7 Individual and Teamwork

An ability to work as an individual and in a team setting.

  PLO-8 Modern Tool Usage

An ability to identify and apply appropriate tools and techniques to create and disseminate business information.

  PLO-9 Corporate Social Responsibility

An ability to understand the responsibility of an organization towards society at large and to contribute towards the betterment of society.

  PLO-10 Ethics

Apply ethical principles in a professional manner, keeping in view the norms of society.