Student Dress Code

University Dress Code

Dress Code for Male Students

  • Desirable
    • Trousers
    • Shirts
    • Tie
    • Dress Shoes with socks
    • Shalwar Kameez clean and properly pressed with waist coat
  • Admissible
    • Decent, clean and pressed jeans with T-Shirt
    • Shalwar Kameez clean and properly pressed
    • Summer Sandals with a strap running behind the heel
  • Not Allowed
    • Shorts, Cut off jeans, multi pocketed faded, torn and skin fitted jeans/trousers
    • T-shirts with messages of any kind
    • Chappals/slippers of any kind
    • Bandana-s, caps etc
    • Vest of any kind
    • Long hair, pony tails etc
    • Ear rings, chain, wrist straps, bracelets etc

Dress Code for Female Students

  • Desirable
    • Traditional Shalwar Kameez and dupatta
    • Chappals/shoes
  • Admissible
    • Jeans with Kurta/shirt
    • Light Jewelry like nose pins, ear studs and rings on fingers
  • Not Allowed
    • T-shirts with jeans
    • Sleeveless shirts of any kind
    • See through and skin tight dresses
    • Heavy makeup
    • Flashy/heavy jewelry, pazeb-s etc

The University ID Card

  • A student of the university is required to have a valid university identity card (ID card) and its display is mandatory while on the campus.
  • The Entry to the Examination Hall, Library, Labs and other premises will only be allowed, if a student possesses university ID card and his/her registration in the semester is intact.