The MPhil Program in Mathematics is designed with major focus on preparing students with advanced knowledge of Mathematics applicable to other sciences and technologies. A Graduate having MPhil degree in Mathematics from CUST is supposed to have the realization that Mathematics is a useful tool rather than an abstract subject. After the two semesters of course work, students will have the opportunity to choose a research area from a variety of available options.

The possible research areas are:

  • Wave Mechanics
  • Numerical solutions of differential equations arising from any area of Mathematics and other sciences
  • Eigenvalue Problems
  • Computational Algebra
  • Data Security and Cryptography.
  • Interested students may also work in Control Systems, Image Processing and Algorithms in collaboration with the faculty members of the departments of the university.


  • A minimum of 16 years of education leading to BS/ MSc degree in Mathematics or equivalent.
  • Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks
  • Admission Test / HEC Approved Test


A student admitted in this program will have to complete the degree requirements by following any one of the options given below:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
24 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with 06 Cr. Hrs. Thesis 30
27 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with 03 Cr. Hrs. Project 30
Course work only (10 Courses) 30


This is normally a two years program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and Spring semester in each year. The maximum duration to complete MPhil in Mathematics is 4 years.


A student is required to earn a minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his degree requirements.

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs
MT5013 Advanced Partial Differential Equations 3
MT5023 Advanced Wave Mechanics 3
MT5033 Integral Equations 3
MT5043 Celestial Mechanics 3
MT5123 Advanced Mathematical Analysis 3
MT5133 Topics in Complex Analysis 3
MT5123 Advanced Functional Analysis 3
MT51533 Fix Point Theory 3
MT5213 Advanced Numerical Techniques 3
MT5233 Finite Element Methods 3
MT5243 Finite Difference Methods 3
MT5303 Advanced Group Theory 3
MT5313 Computational Algebra 3
MT5323 Non Commutative Algebra 3
MT5343 Algebraic Cryptography 3
MT5513 Advanced Fluid Dynamics 3
MT5533 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 3
MT5543 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
MT5613 Optimization Techniques 3
MT5623 Linear System Theory 3
MT5633 Nonlinear Control System 3
MT5643 Applied Cryptography 3
MT5653 Stochastic Processes 3
MTxxxx Financial Mathematics 3
MT5723 Operational Research 3
MT5813 General Relativity 3
MT5xx3 Special Topics in Mathematics 3

Research Thesis/Project

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs
MT5913 Research Thesis Part – I 3
MT5923 Research Thesis Part – II 3
MT5933 Research Project 3