MPhil Mathematics

About The Program

The MPhil Program in Mathematics is designed with major focus on preparing students with advanced knowledge of Mathematics applicable to other sciences and technologies. A Graduate having MPhil degree in Mathematics from CUST is supposed to have the realization that Mathematics is a useful tool rather than an abstract subject. After the two semesters of course work, students will have the opportunity to choose a research area from a variety of available options. The possible research areas are:

  • Wave Mechanics
  • Numerical solutions of differential equations arising from any area of Mathematics and other sciences
  • Eigenvalue Problems
  • Computational Algebra
  • Data Security and Cryptography.
  • Interested students may also work in Control Systems, Image Processing and Algorithms in collaboration with the faculty members of the departments of the university.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 16 years of education leading to BS/ MSc degree in Mathematics or equivalent.
  • Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks
  • Admission Test / HEC Approved Test

Degree Requirements

A student admitted in this program will have to complete the degree requirements by following any one of the options given below:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
24 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with 06 Cr. Hrs. Thesis 30

Program Duration

This is normally a two years program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and Spring semester in each year. The maximum duration to complete MPhil in Mathematics is 4 years.

CGPA Requirement

A student is required to earn a minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his degree requirements.

Core Courses

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Partial Differential Equations MT5013 3
Advanced Wave Mechanics MT5023 3
Integral Equations MT5033 3
Celestial Mechanics MT5043 3
Advanced Mathematical Analysis MT5123 3
Topics in Complex Analysis MT5133 3
Advanced Functional Analysis MT5123 3
Fix Point Theory MT5153 3
Advanced Numerical Techniques MT5213 3
Finite Element Methods MT5233 3
Finite Difference Methods MT5243 3
Advanced Group Theory MT5303 3
Computational Algebra MT5313 3
Non Commutative Algebra MT5323 3
Algebraic Cryptography MT5343 3
Advanced Fluid Dynamics MT5513 3
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics MT5533 3
Computational Fluid Dynamics MT5543 3
Optimization Techniques MT5613 3
Linear System Theory MT5623 3
Nonlinear Control System MT5633 3
Applied Cryptography MT5643 3
Stochastic Processes MT5653 3
Financial Mathematics MTxxxx 3
Operational Research MT5723 3
General Relativity MT5813 3
Special Topics in Mathematics MT5xx3 3

Research Thesis

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Research Thesis Part – I MT5913 3
Research Thesis Part – II MT5923 3