Vice Chancellor Message

It is a unique honor for me to welcome you to the Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). The university was established with the vision of producing competent professionals, who would contribute to the development of a prosperous society. The university has taken up this challenging task and developed its strategies by aligning its academics with local needs without compromising on best practices, to produce individuals with the right skills, knowledge and attitude, competent of creating a positive impact on the society. The university remained focused on its goals and in a very short span of time has achieved a prominent position in the field of higher education. Today, with more than twelve thousand CUST alumni working at home and abroad, we are proud of their growth. The contribution they made for the betterment of humanity is a source of satisfaction for us.

The main components of an education system that determine its quality include the curriculum, faculty, quality assurance system and teaching environment. Any compromise in this regard comes at the cost of teaching quality. The university’s BS, MS and PhD programs are designed to the highest standards and are being implemented by well-trained and qualified faculty. Quality of execution is ensured through an uncompromising methodology where academic satisfaction is highly valued. CUST offers more than forty degree programs across its five faculties in the fields of Engineering, Management, Computing, Pharmacy, Social and Biological Sciences.

 Despite the fact that the university has excellent infrastructure and other supporting facilities for conducting academic programmes, the prestige of CUST is its outstanding faculty. CUST faculty is highly professional, mission oriented and motivated to fulfill their responsibilities. We are truly proud of their training and the values they instill in CUST graduates.

Apart from project and case based teaching, at CUST we consciously try to expose our students to a multi-faceted environment to sharpen their personality and interpersonal skills. For this purpose, there are many societies and clubs that facilitate extracurricular and co-curricular activities and provide opportunities to students for their overall grooming.

It is pertinent to mention here that CUST offers a large number of graduate programs, especially in the evenings, to accommodate working professionals. These programs are offered in the fields of engineering, computer sciences, management, social, biological and pharmaceutical sciences. Research and development is a major focus of our graduate programs, particularly at the doctoral level. In this regard, the university tries to maintain good relations with industry and other research and development institutions.

The University is uniquely positioned to innovate and adopt new ideas, approaches and technologies. At CUST, we want to give our students the key that will open the door to a successful and fulfilling future.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed
PhD (Cambridge, UK), CEng (UK), FIEE(UK),
SMIEEE (USA), Eur. Ing (Brussels)