This course is designed to enable the students to learn and apply the basic tools of Calculus..It includes the understanding of basic ideas of limit, continuity, derivative, trigonometry, functions and their graphs. Course consists of venn diagram making and their understanding and also its application in different areas of engineering and science.


CLO: 1. Students will be able to evaluate trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions
CLO: 2. Students will be able to solve trigonometric equations and applications.
CLO: 3. Students will be able to apply and prove trigonometric identities.


1. Number System

• Focus on Real No system and properties
• Types of intervals, inequalities and absolute function.
• Basic introduction to complex numbers.
• Linear equations and their solutions.
• Quadratic equations and their solution techniques.

2. Partial fractions

• Introduction
• Partial fractions of proper fractions (Linear non repeating denominators, Linear repeating denominators, Quadratic irreducible denominators).
• Partial fractions of improper fractions.

3. Trigonometric functions and identities with applications

• Introduction
• General trigonometry functions
• Trigonometric identities and their relationship
• Solutions of right angle and oblique triangles
• Trigonometric identities of sum difference and product of angles

4. Functions and their graphs

• Sets
• Binary relations
• Functions (Domain/Range)
• Types of functions (Linear, quadratic, exponential)
• Graphical representation of function

5. Matrices

• Introduction of matrices
• Operations on matrices (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
• Inverse of matrix
• Echelon and reduced echelon form

6. Limit continuity and rate of change

• Definition of limit
• Left hand limit and Right hand limit
• Rules to evaluate limit of function
• Algebraic technique for indeterminate forms
• Finding Continuity of function at given points