Mobile Application Development is market oriented course in the undergraduate programs of Department of Computer Science at Capital University of Science and Technology. Today, mobile applications are used not only as a standalone application but also with most of web or desktop applications. These applications are highly user focused and designed for every walk of life. Moreover, with the growing strength and cheap availability of mobile devices it has emerged as an important tool in both local and international job market. The course is designed to impart both conceptual and practical knowledge, which is accompanied with hands-on training primarily focused on Android OS, Apple iOS and related tools. The course demonstrates standard practices and tools used in market to develop robust mobile applications.


CLO: 1. Describe Mobile Application Development fundamentals and flow on multiple devices and publishing it online [C1]
CLO: 2. Produce Mobile Application using provided assets with basic functionality [C5]
CLO: 3. Make Mobile application that uses hardware and software resources like sensors and configuration etc. and evaluate functionality [C5]


• Introduction to the course and course objectives
• Setting up environment
• App Fundamentals
• Components of an Application
• Introduction to Android and iOS Platform
• Developing single screen layout apps
• Traversing in screens and data transfers
• Storage persistence
• Multithreading
• Background Services
• Notifications services
• Testing Applications for data persistence
• Exporting installable app
• Cloud Services for sign-in in notifications
• Using online data storage.
• Testing an App from usability perspective
• Story boarding an app