This core course cover major concept of endocrinology. The mechanisms by which hormones work, different type of receptors and message relay by various 2nd messenger system. Course also focuses on major endocrine glands and the role they play through various hormones. To have a better understanding different endocrine regulatory systems are also discussed.


1 Introduction to course
2 Receptors
3 Second messenger system
4 Steroid Hormones
5 Plasma membrane receptors for steroid hormones
6 Growth factors
7 Neuroendocrine-Immune Interface
8 phtohormones/pheromones
9 Hypothalamic hormones
10 Pituatory hormones
11 Thyroid Hormones
12 Adrenal Gland
13 Reproductive Hormones
14 Calcium Regulation
15 Insulin secretions and action
16 Endocrinology of aging