I welcome you to the Mechanical Engineering Department’s website, highlighting our educational and research activities.

Mechanical engineering is recognized to be one of the core and broadest engineering disciplines, offering students a wide range of career choices. Mechanical engineers have a strong technical foundation, which is vital in both engineering practice and scientific research. The mechanical engineering field comprises a spectrum of subjects including; design and operation of thermal systems, advanced materials development, and computer aided design of highly engineered systems. We are committed to providing quality education to students by highly qualified and experienced faculty members active in research. Conventional, as well as innovative teaching methods, mentoring and hands-on experiments in well-equipped laboratory facilities are the hallmark of our department. Our undergraduate program, in addition to the classical mechanical engineering courses, offers elective courses from the streams of thermal sciences, mechanical design and manufacturing. In the final year, the Design Project experience offers students opportunities for solving real-world problems in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Our mechanical engineering graduate program offers masters and doctoral degrees in the specialization areas of mechanical design, manufacturing, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. The engineering management graduate program offers degrees in the specialization areas of technology management, manufacturing management, project management and software project management.

Both the undergraduate and graduate students are imparted with knowledge that is well-grounded in the fundamentals, and instilled with creativity and innovation. Our students appreciate the importance of a strong ethical responsibility, a vital element of the engineering profession. Our curriculum is regularly re-visited to align it with the current industrial requirements and research trends. Our programs are designed to provide students with necessary conceptual framework and training required for immediate entry into the job market. At the same time, the curriculum maintains enough flexibility to enable students to fully prepare themselves for research careers.

Our department has several active international student societies including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Student societies have regular meetings, field trips to companies who hire our students, and participate in regional competitions.

Dr. M. Mahabat Khan
HoD Mechanical Engineering