Pakistan, with 700 children born with genetic disorders every year is goldmine for research in human genetics. This high frequency is due to consanguineous marriages. In addition to this Pakistan is an amalgam of various ethnicities with exceptional familial and social characteristics. This course is an effort to provide students of Bioscience domain with a course which covers the fundamental principles and concepts of HUMAN GENETICS in accordance to local and global perspective.


1 Fundamentals to Genetics,
2 Mode of Inheritance in Human
3 Monogenic disorders
4 Diagnosis and management of Monogenic disorders
5 Multifactorial disorders
6 Diagnosis of multifactorial disorders
7 Management of multifactorial disorders
8 Cancer genetics
9 Cytogenetic techniques
10 Molecular diagnosis
11 DNA sequencing techniques
12 Gene Chip Technologies
13 Epigenetics
14 DNA technologies
15 Human Genome Project
16 Population genetics